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Doing Online Exam for Customer is allow in Fiverr

Hi, I am selling Google Online Exam in Fiverr,

Just want to know it is allow or i will face trouble in withdraw my amount.

No. it’s not. You’ll get banned.

  • Doing someone else’s academic work like assignments and projects
  • Getting others certified by taking test on their behalf

Both of the above are strictly prohibited; one’s account can be banned for that! :slight_smile:

if it is prohibited then why fiverr have this page

please explain

It’s all about getting help related to some exam; people often take it the other way round! :slight_smile:

ok, but they have mention in Google.

Hire Someone to take your Exam at $5

search Fiverr Exam in Google,

You’d be breaking Google’s rules by taking an adwords exam for somebody else.