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Doing Something Good For Hurricane Victims

Hey Fiverr Superstars:

I was wanting to do something good for the Hurricane victims. I was thinking of doing a special hurricane victim gig and I give 100%, when funds clear to Red Cross or one of the other charities.

I have an Angel Healing Gig or Reiki Healing Gig I would offer as the Free/Donation Gig.

Do you have any ideas? What are you doing to help? Is Fiverr doing anything as a company to help folks in need?

I have some of the most caring, loving and generous clients and they know they will help folks in need, this could be an easy way to help.

God Bless,

That’s really nice of you!

Those who can help - good for you!
Those who can not will be there in spirit.

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That’s really nice of you! I feel so helpless about that disaster. It’s so amazing the acts of heroism being shown constantly, the rescues. They just earmarked almost 2 billion dollars to help down there so anything we do is a drop in the bucket.

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No! For the love of God, donate anywhere else BUT the Red Cross:


Every prayer and every penny counts.

Frank, thank you so much! Wow! I had no idea!!!

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