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Doing well on freelancer and not on fiverr

So I have been working on fiverr for 3 months with 4 orders in the first 2 months then on October my gigs ranked down and started getting 25 impressions a week unlike the 1k impressions I used to get. So on October 25th I moved on to freelancer and in freelancer there are compitions for logos and within November first I already earned $620. One $500 order one $110 order and another of $10 because my work was impressive and have a chance of getting 2 more orders $80 each. Why am I not doing well on fiverr? I have the skills to make amazing stuff but fiver algorithm doesn’t let me show case my passion for logo design. How do I get my gig to rank back again?


Actually, it should be the other way around. I’m surprised you aren’t doing well on Fiverr, since based on my own experience, it’s the most supportive platform for new sellers.

Hello and welcome to Fiverr dear Fazle :slight_smile:

In order to get more orders on Fiverr, what you need is to make some changes to your newly launched gigs to boost their ranking and positioning on Fiverr search results, which will bring you more orders.

Here’s a thread I created that explains how to do so ↓


Thanks a lot for you advice exitoo. Ill make sure to implement this in the future :slight_smile:

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