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Doing work before pay?

A potential client is asking me to do the work before she sends payment is this against Fiverr’s TOA? Also, what do you think about this, have you done this for a client before?

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Don’t do it. You’ll have no way to hold her accountable to pay if you deliver the work without an order.


The client has to pay first and then you deliver the order.
Read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for all the details as to how Fiverr works.


There’s no rule against it, but Fiverr strongly advises sellers never to start working until the order is placed.

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I’m not sure how it would be against ToS (if anyone knows, feel free to chime in), so I’m guessing you’re good there.

As for waiting on payment, I can’t think of any logical reason from a buyer standpoint to request that. If they’re totally unhappy with your work (or they just want to screw you), they can cancel and Fiverr will have their back.

If there does happen to be some reason why it would make sense for you to do the work ahead of time, just make sure you somehow watermark it or leave out a crucial piece so they can’t actually use it.

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