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Doll clothes


Are doll clothes, especially American Girl doll clothes, something that will sell on Fiverr?


As a first opinion it is something I would stick to eBay with.

I do not really see that many people selling real physical products, and with the cost of shipping and stuff like that I cannot see it as something that will make a great deal of money; if any.

I could be wrong.


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I can’t fit in doll clothes anymore… Kinda let myself go


I’m sure you can buy so many different types of doll clothes in stores and online,

BUT for example if you make CUSTOM MADE clothes, it might be a different story.

I haven’t played with dolls for over 20 years (LOL) but, I used to draw dresses for my dolls and if there was someone who can make the exact same dress as my drawing for 5 dollars, I’m sure I would have gladly placed an order.

What do you think? :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t call it American Doll clothes, but 18" doll clothes, etc. And why not? If you have a piece you’re willing to sell for $5 do it. I sell crocheted items and I made Level 2, so … :smiley:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Aye, I’m not saying that no-one does it at all, its just fairly rare!

By all means give it a go, never know, you may be sitting on a gold mine :slight_smile: