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Don´t Go To Work!


WOW video… I have joined you :smiley: but I do go to work…


Haha, yeah, me too, I´m doing something wrong. :wink:


I get the urge to break sh*t, too.

Imagine eating lego :fried_egg:, ugh my teeth hurts. :smile:


Needs more Belko Experiment.

Sociopaths, high-stress working environments, exploding heads. Belko would nail the Fiverr experience. This just makes freelancers look like millennials going full SJW because Starbucks has ran out of soy milk.

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That would be too real. I wonder why they had a banana flash on the screen at first.


Given the camera angle while trashing the monitors, I bet there was someone outside the camera’s view just sitting there to catch the screen :smiley:


It’s subliminal messaging. Also, it’s nothing new. I’ve known for years that Fiverr is in bed with the big banana industry. It’s sick. Once when I was a forum Mod, Eoin even told me how he arrived early one day at the secret Mod underground bunker in Swansea and found the CEO doing lines of banana sherbet with Gary Vee and the actor who used to play Big Bird in Seaseme Street. It’s everywhere.

Of course, I shouldn’t say all this. Next thing you know they’ll have a car outside and someone will find me the next day having ‘slipped’ on a banana peel. The thing is you get tired of constantly looking over your shoulder after a while. It’s no way for a reasonable person to live.


I always admired you for just saying no to that.
Gary told me it would help me with “my hustle”, whatever that is but I couldn’t say no to him - it just seemed like the thing to do.
As for Big Bird, he was white like a swan back in the old days, the banana sherbet took its toll. It was funny when he thought I was the Count - remember? When he kept saying "Just up to 4, please do it! Your voice is amazing!"
Although it got a bit weird when he thought we were Bert and Ernie.


It’s not too subliminal. The words say “when you wake up in the morning” as a banana rises up.

There are about four subliminal visual messages in there if you watch for them…

They show tiny bananas in the word fiverr at the end when they flash the patterns.

So you remember to associate fiverr with the banana, subliminally. These reach into the primitive part of the brain that responds to basic needs for food and sex. Now you will have that part of your brain firing whenever you see the word fiverr. The last pattern they flashed was some kind of red generic fruit, shown only in pairs of two.


I’m redacting this assessment of the new Fiverr commercial. @misscrystal is right. This is filthy.


To delve into the numbers a bit more than I did last time I looked: when logged out, the front page says 950 sales an hour, so this is 22,500 a day, 684,000 each month, 8.2 million a year. Let’s say $10 average per sale, $82 million in sales a year between 3 million freelancers, around $30 per person. There’s another famous freelancer site, begins with a letter after T, I saw that it has 10 million freelancers, 1 billion dollars in sales in the last year. That is $100 per freelancer. The gig economy seems to have a massive surplus supply of labour.

I can prove that Earth is 6,000 years old and that all life started because of a space alien throwing a half eaten Mars bar our of a window if I pull any number I want out of my head and do some quick math gymnastics.

Anyway, as long as you feel like you have said something important, that’s the main thing.

Whoa, there’s 3 million freelancers on 5r! :open_mouth:

That’s insane!

I think the phrase “3 million entrepreneurs” is a little misleading.
Even if that is just sellers and not buyers too (which I think it is), to describe every Fiverr seller as an entrepreneur is being extremely generous.

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Why destroy a decent laptop? And who clears up the mess after all that? [$1,200 for the laptop, gone just like that? Jeez that’s a lot of articles for me…] [It’s a desktop computer, now that I see the ad again, but still…] [I hope they cut out the breaking stuff part, unnecessary…rest of the ad is fine.]

I certainly hope so. Not gonna lie that stressed me out watching that part! LOL

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And let´s not forget that, just like in Online gaming, rarely do X accounts mean X different people at the keyboard :wink: nor are companies usually keen on subtracting dormant accounts when publishing such numbers.


I just have one simple question and I need the Fiverr team to answer me if possible:

If we all don’t go to work, what happens to Fiverr? I mean, it’s run by people who have to “go to work” daily, right? Or is that big Fiverr building occupied by virtual freelancers? :thinking:

Oh, I said one question, but there you have it :confounded:

I’ll forever wonder what image Fiverr hopes to project in these promotional videos of theirs. It’s baffling how they paint freelancers in these promotional videos hoping to speak to the heart of potential freelancers. It’s their biz anyway, so…