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Don’t have orders:(

Hi, there ! I’m new here, but not new in freelance. I’m waiting for my first order so long, is it good?

I got one today.

My first in 5 weeks.

It happens.


You don’t have to wait, but need to work on your gigs, on your account - here on this forum you can find hundreds of tips. Just be aware of tips like “Stay online 24 hours” or “Send direct messages to people”, that will never help


try sending buyers request.

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I Do see you are fairly new So welcome to the community…
As a new seller, there are plenty of tips and tricks going on in forum you can work on your gigs and implement those tips:D

But beware of foolish tips that don’t make sense at all…
Besides that, I would recommend sending a Proper buyer regarding your services


Thanks, I will try !