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Don’t receive an order for a long time

I have completed 22 orders, i delivered my last order on 9th december 2019 after that
I don’t receive any orders. My gig is beautifully arranged, i daily sent 10 offers on buyer request, i regularly promote my gigs on social media platforms specially on twitter.
and my some gigs stats are decreasing day by day. i am so tensed what can do?

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Your gigs are in a highly competitive category, and it’s the holiday season. You might get more in the new year. That said, your images are nice, but at thumbnails, they’re hard to see:

Try to not overcrowd your images. I think you have a lot of nice designs, but it’s pointless if they’re unreadable.


Before others can comment on your gig, it has to be in the proper category, which is “Improve My Gig.” Otherwise, your post could be flagged. Therefore, I moved it to the appropriate category for you.

thanks alot for respond. i will work better on my thumbnail images

ok i got it. thanks alot for respond

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In addition to what have been said by other participants, ensure that you are always online. You stand a chance of getting orders when you are online. This is because some buyers may decide to send messages to seller that are online, especially when they do not have much time to await response from sellers.