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Don’t Send Messages Like This

I mean, really? Come on. :roll_eyes:

To anyone that thinks spamming sellers and begging for work is the quick way to get orders, your Fiverr “career” is going to be a short one.

At least I caught this message before logging off for the day. I don’t need my response time getting any longer than it is. :joy:


Is this a seller hustling a seller again? Ugh!

Anytime I tell them this is rude when they do this to me they’re dumbfounded that it’s inappropriate and ineffective. It’s a total surprise.

And it’s not a good value proposition to post a generic thing with your value being that you’re cheap. Why do so many people think that’s a good look?


I get sooo many messages like this!
And I can’t believe, that someone really expects to get a job this way :woman_facepalming:

When I’ve got the first “Give me a job” message, I told something like “Ok - if I will have something for you, I will inform you”, but now, when I get messages like this really often, the only thing that I want to do is to block them…

New Sellers - never do like this! Work on your gigs, send offers to buyers requests, improve your skills, but never use this spamming way


This person wants to help you with your proofreading? Oh Lord have mercy! Can you imagine the work they would deliver to your buyer - heavens.

I don’t even give warning anymore to anyone who spams me with nonsense. I report them immediately and let CS take care of whether they deserve to have a seller account or not. I don’t play games.



I have reported it to CS immediately for message like this, but the message it stills there, it disturbed me and I finally delete it.


Those messages are annoying to look at in your IN box, aren’t they. :slight_smile:


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Right? Like, sure you’re spamming me and you can barely speak English and you have not provided any sign of skill, but I’ll forgo paid work do I can give it to you while hurting my credibility with the buyer by recommending a sketchy amateur.

So appealing! :joy:


yes truee :slightly_smiling_face:

We got this little gem the other week…

I can only assume that Fiverr are either so swamped that they’re not investigating reports, or that something like this gets a slap on the wrist/first warning, as the seller is still happily active, more than 10 days later… :grimacing:


Yikes I hope that is just a delay indeed. Wow.


For “orders” like this not only seller, but also a buyer can be blocked by Fiverr - it looks like asking for a review without work… He is not even interested in work - he only needs a 5 start review

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I sometimes receive 2-4 such messages per day, 14 messages were a record.
Sometimes they just say hello and leave without answering the question of how I can help them, although I already understand the further scenario.
I just block such spammers.


I just wish the “if you report this message, it won’t count against your response rate” bit was reliable for everyone. As it is, I have to reply to even the most ludicrous messages first.

Yes, please don’t waste other people’s time, and don’t ask for or offer to do work you’re clearly not qualified to do. It’s not cool. Look for work you can actually do to at least a satisfactory level, or put in the work/time to become qualified for whatever else it is that you want to do.


A while ago I got a message saying something like “I need work, if you get any orders in the future please send them to me, you already have many translation orders and you should share the gigs.”
…Oh do I???

I asked him if he is capable of translating English and Japanese, and if yes, send me proof. I know, I could have just blocked him right away but clearly I was bored and had nothing else
better to do.
He sent me a random paragraph which was clearly done in Google.
Of course I blocked him after that.



In another life, I always fancied the idea of opening a coffee shop. I don’t think I ever will, but if I do, day one I’ll be strolling into my local Starbucks, asking to speak to the manager, and explaining to them that all future customers need to be sent to my coffee shop instead.

Fairness… :roll_eyes:


The entitlement is mind boggling!

And what a surprise they’re using Google Translate instead of actually translating! I am shocked. Ha


That’s…wow. It’s not even the standard, “Please outsource one of your orders to me, a completely unknown individual with unknown qualifications and unknown quality of work who will infuriate your customer because they ordered expecting work coming from you and not from some unknown third party.”

They cut out the “outsourcing” baloney and went straight to just order anything from me to give me a chance to get a life on Fiverr…

It’s flagrant online begging with the dubious promise of a future quid pro quo and displays the popular false belief that if a seller is able to get a single order, then a floodgate of future orders will miraculously open up.


Yeah, I have a quick response that I send to them. Something along the lines of “stop spamming me” and “you’re probably going to get a warning.” :rofl:

But I agree, we shouldn’t have to respond if we block or report them.

I actually did have someone send me a sample of their work. This is a gem from a few months ago. It will probably always be my favorite.

Spam Example 1

This is only a partial sample of what I was sent. The rest was pretty much the same.

Spam Example 2


Such incredible command of the language! I am almost reminded of Herman Melville, particularly for the brevity of their one sentence long paragraph.


Great suggestion. I love this post. thanks

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