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Donate just 5$ and help a life, you might even save one


I have a daily rule to feed poor beggars in my city, i go to the Grand temple and feed them daily.

However my earnings are very low and they are certainly not enough to make a very big difference, i am hoping that fiverr could help.

These people are starved for food, about every 10 bowls saves one that hasnt eaten in days.


Hey @aayushagra101,

If you are a genuine helper, I truly respect you and your initiative! :slight_smile:

However, you must agree that, with all this crisis going on around the world, a lot of people will tend to avoid donating money since they earn few themselves. But, there still are a lot of people who are willing to donate and help the poor, although this is an extinct species of people :frowning:

So, if you really do what you say you’re doing, I also suggest putting up a gig video showing what you do - people love videos, especially videos that touch their hearts and reach to their empathy; so try adding a video that could have a big impact on almost any person in this world, and people will start donating!

Try putting yourself in other people’s shoes: would you trust to donate your money through your gig? Just look at it for a moment and try to answer this question, and if your answer is no then find out what it is missing, where you could improve it - try making yourself believe your own gig :slight_smile:

One more advice: after donations start coming through, make sure you make a video of every act of kindness you do for each buyer (donator) and enable the Live Portfolio feature of your gig, this way people will see that you’re truly committed to your cause, and the more touching videos people see, the more donations will come in.

I will collect your gig and keep an eye on it, and as soon as I see it bloom I’ll donate myself, and that I promise you with all my heart!


This is a gig you will find that will improve once you add a video showing your daily act of kindness and maybe even have a few of the poor folk on camera talking about your predictable philanthropy.


I will try to get one up soon as possible.

arnevb said: but I'm talking about the $1 you give fiverr here

Hmm, you're definitely right on this one... yes, it feels a bit strange, although Fiverr should feel that way since they are taking the $1 away ;)

But hey, it's still better than nothing, don't you think? And if @aayushagra101 would follow my tips and pledge to this initiative, imagine that having lots of orders (aka donations) would make that $1 irrelevant :)


Reply to @madmoo: well, who said that he should film? he can ask someone else to do it for him, and he would then only concentrate on helping the person in cause :slight_smile:

And I think that whoever is filming will experience a unique, warm & great feeling when he/she sees the happy faces of all those who receive the donations - I know I would :slight_smile:

[edit: gosh, I’m really eager to see this gig get its deserved attention, because I’ve always admired people helping other people, and I think it’s great what he’s trying to do]

arnevb said:
When people donate (which I really appreciate), $1 goes to fiverr. I know that this is something that all sellers do but it's just a weird thought that people here on fiverr sharing their amazing charity ideas need to pay Fiverr for this...

That's just silliness. People have to have Visa/Mastercard if they donate by mail (unless they send a check) ... People have to pay the phone system if they donate by text message, etc.

That there is a few to move money is NOTHING NEW. Nothing odd, and nothing out of line.

Further, with Fiverr a small charitable person wouldn't need to pay for hosting, web design, etc. It's cheap at the end of the day.

He's not going to do $50,000 in sales most likely. And at some point, if he did, he could move off fiverr but that TOO would cost money.

madmoo said: One thing I would say (and this may just be me) is that whilst video evidence would be fantastic, would you feel comfortable videoing or photographing the person you're donating to?
I know I wouldn't!

Yes, all the time. If I have their permission. I've done charity fundraising videos like for Unitus (MicroFinance) and Sole of Africa: From Landmines to Farmlands in Africa. The fact is video is needed to fundraise. Remember Susan Struthers in Feed The Children?


Reply to @anarchofighter: You couldn’t be more right about this :slight_smile:


Oh boy, this is clearly becoming a hot topic - almost burns if you ask me :smiley: