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Donated from what I earned!


For the past 10 months, I worked on fiverr and made around five hundred USD. ! on last’15th I became a level 1 seller. When I marked my things in the forum some people laughed at me and Said that’s not a big achievement ! but the thing is It’s a big achievement for me. My country is not such a rich country or developed one.We don’t have potential job market in Sri Lanka.for a learned graphic designer they only pay 3$ per day.(8hrs). There are lot of poor people and kids who can’t afford to their thing.We tried to help them however We can but because of less donations We had to stop what We did. So I looked for a sustainable income for donation project and I found fiverr. After doing my daily workout I spent my time on fiverr.

There was a primary rural school with 50 of students in the hardest place in my country ! in the last time the principle said me that there are lot of kids who talented in music and they don’t have any instruments. Yesterday I donated them a Yamaha e353 completely from fiverr earnings. It’s a huge mark for me. that’s how I measure myself.That’s why fiverr is getting more important to me more than anything. I am smiling and will remember this forever

Thank you everyone who helped me even from a comment !



:slight_smile: That’s really, really sweet of you. I’m sure those kids are super thankful! Good on you!


Happy are your good ideas
To help children’s talents
Thank you very much for donations to the children
All your wishes will be fulfilled
best wishes


Yes they are you should see their faces :slight_smile:


Thank you emr <3 ! Let’s roll up


Aw, that’ super cute!


I think it would be good if you not share this .I know you have given donation for the welfare of the children not to promote that .And I think every person should not promote like that “I have donate this , I have donate that”.It looks you have donated first time and sharing this .Even many people donate .And I think it help not donation . I do not like this donation word … When you will say I have “donated” then It seems the opposite is very poor and you are too rich … And if you tell “help” then it seems that we are all equal just helping each other .So I will request you not promote that you have donated …

It is my personal opinion …
May be I could not explain my expressions.But I have tried .

If it hurts you then sorry …
And I wish you will earn more and more and help the people but not share that you have helped .


If I need to promote myself I will post this on my social medias :slight_smile: this is our forum not a public place I thinks this is like our office so I don’t see any bad of sharing this.


You didn’t got my point bro…I just told it is not good to promote when you will donate … After helping people just forget that you have helped anyone …

And that is fully depend on you .


It’s 100% public and indexed by Google.


I want actually defend you :wink:

It doesn’t matter if I like it or not but you did a great thing and hopefully it will inspire others


I’m so happy for you, and the children - they look so happy. It’s a wonderful thing to learn any sort of instrument! :musical_keyboard::musical_note:

As to whether you should tell us about it or not, that’s entirely up to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

When we donate to a charity here, whether it’s collecting for Guide Dogs, Lifeboats etc. etc. we are often offered a sticker or a badge to show we’ve donated. Your post here is similar to our stickers.

Here’s to your future success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much Mariashtelle :slight_smile: People do bad things and go all over the medias and no one point fingers to them and saying “hey don’t do that that’s not a good things to see” but if We do good there are many people :slight_smile: I really happy about myself


Thank you very much smiler3d <3 ! Love to see people spreading the love


Yes, it was a story that I definitely didn’t mind reading moreover it certainly didn’t sound like a subtle ad.


That’s awesome from you, I like this humanity culture
Good luck :+1:


@codepanda So, considering there are about 23 working days a month, that translates to $69 a month. In 10 months, that’s $690. That’s already so much more than what you earned in 10 months on Fiverr.

So, I don’t get your point :arrow_down: :thinking:

But good job on your philanthropic gesture. :smile_cat:


That’s a rough calculation which assumes that he started to earn $ in the very first day on Fiverr and I suppose that he didn’t have to work 1300 hours to earn $500 based on his profile, whereas the people who earned much more than him they had to.


Hello and thank you for sharing this amazing news with us. Well done. I wish more people were so caring like you. Again well done. Keep going. Greetings from Greece

Maria S.


The only thing that matters at the end of the day is the money you have in hand to pay your bills. The time you spent/the effort that went into earning the money doesn’t matter as much.

That being said, however, I think he will be able to earn more/month — now that he already has his Fiverr account set up. In the future, he should be able to help more kids in his community (if he wants to). :+1: