Donation for Super Typhoon Yolanda Victims in Philippines, $5 can make a difference


Several thousand people–as many as 10,000–were killed in the country, which was ravaged by winds exceeding 170 mph and a storm surge of 20 feet.

Rescue crews are now having a difficult time getting to parts of the country due to landslides and flooding, meaning that supplies are limited. Residents looted stores, gas stations, and other broken-down buildings to get food and water.

There have been reports of bodies in the streets in Tacloban, as the city doesn’t have enough body bags to contain them all. There is no electricity, supplies, or food in some of the more typhoon-ravaged areas.

I am doing this to my fellow countrymen, since if this happens to me, my family or you guys, they will extend their help too. Your $5 can make a big difference. I will update my website soon to show all proof of donations and progress at


No matter how good your intentions are, I think that most people who wish to donate would do so through a reputable charity. Any money given on Fiverr goes to you with no guarantee it will ever see those in need.

No offense is meant, but I personally donate through registered charities. That way I know that the money goes to the cause.

Good luck though.


I know others would think I’m making money out of this tragedy since I’m not a famous person but we’re just doing everything to get more funds. This is just an option in order to spread the words. Until now, I’m spending my personal funds to celebrate christmas with the victims and I even added the link to my gig for the 2 leading Channel network that they can trust that accepts donation.

These are the 2 links: