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Donation Services?


Can Fiverr be used as a “donation” service to a “for-profit non-organization”? Basically, a “donate money for your work” button that is 100% optional within an external application?

Basically, I have software I’ve written that is absolutely free to use, full version, no restrictions, no nags, nothing of the sort. It just does its thing I’ve designed it to do. I don’t plan on putting links in my Fiverr account, period. Quite opposite, actually. The application would have a link that points to my Fiverr page to which people would be able to go through the process and put the money in my account.

Is this supported or allowed, so long I’m perfectly clear as to WHAT the gig is about?


I’m sure its fine, but I don’t know why you would want to bypass directly using Paypal. Is there a reason?


The options provided by PayPal don’t ‘smell’ right to me. The option of “Donation” means that I have to be a registered charitable donation, and prove that I am. The other options don’t allow for an end user to just donate what they want, but offer only at a number fixed prices, and I don’t have a business account. The tax thing also has me wondering as well.

I don’t expect a tonne of money out of this. Just wanted a landing place where what I do make ends up sitting somewhere accessible.


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Reply to @computerdude76: I get what you’re saying. You still run into the problem of only allowing a fixed price for donations. Also, using Fiverr creates more steps to the donation process. If your plan is to say “donate by ordering a gig on Fiverr”, then people would have to join fiverr first then order the gig. You also have to think about the 20% fiverr fee and the paypal withdrawal fee to see if its still a good option. Again, its definitely possible, its just up to you if you want to go that route.