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Donations for Homeless Animals on Fiverr! Make your day better by helping! :)


I’m Joana and I adore animals, all kinds of them! I’m also a Top Seller here on Fiverr and believe that we are community that can join a cause and give support for those who need it! :slight_smile:

So I decided to turn my passion for animals into something useful and I made this gig! It has just two goals. To make your day better with the help of cute animals and to make the life of poor animals better with the help of good people.

This is a unique chance to help Animals in need across the world. The funds will be used for healing of homeless animals in Bulgaria. Together we can help many animals and prevent even more from getting on the street. Our goal is to help homeless animals who need urgent help, to castrate them and find people to adopt them. We are their last chance for better life.

The great thing is that you will actually be able to see how your money are helping because I will take a pics and give you information about stories of all the animals we helped!

Now have fun and come back every time you feel like smiling :slight_smile:

First order is a fact! :slight_smile: Do you feel like helping today? :slight_smile:

I am raising money to fund my project through indiegogo! Please take some time to check it out and spread the word. ANY contributions are appreciated. Link: