Don't Advertise It If You Aren't Going To Deliver It


I have used three different sellers this month and was promised “free” enhancements or a free video with my purchase by two of them. I am an easy buyer to work with… I follow the rules, try to be very precise and realistic, gave great reviews and even TIPPED… I am still waiting for what was promised… days and weeks after my orders. I use to think that this was a good place to get some quick videos done but I am beginning to think I will need to use local folks for my needs or just do my own… UGH!


Did you accept order before final delivery?


In both scenarios, the sellers said the enhancement and free video would be
done after the final order was completed and I was satisfied. In the first
order, the seller said the higher quality video would be done after I
reviewed and accepted the final version… the second order, the seller
said I had to purchase and pay for the first two videos to get the 3rd free

At this point, I get I was probably taken advantage of… and shame on me.
However, if you have experienced sellers that are making false advertising
claims and then not following through… something should be done to stop


don’t accept the order before the final delivery .


I agree with you.

Please keep in mind there are around a million or more sellers and buyers on 5r. I’ve had many great experiences from talented and honest sellers. I’ve also had several bad ones - oh, some of my nightmare stories that I never posted.

There are also honest and dishonest buyers. The bad experiences dealing with horrible buyers make some sellers hesitate when dealing with 1st timers.

5r rule called Tos, or terms of service, advise buyers NOT to accept or review until all files have been delivered. Good/honest and experienced sellers know this and will never tell you to do otherwise.

Any seller that tells you part or all files will be delivered after you review them are scammers. There is no if, and, or but about it. They are lying to you to get 5 star reviews and to get paid. Later, if you complain to customer support, they will show them the 5 star review you left.

See this from customer support perspective. They see a buyer has accepted an order. He also left glowing 5 :star: review. They don’t know you from the scam buyer who is trying to get free work.

Unfortunately, next time, never let seller con you into review before final promise delivery.


I’d like to give you more :hearts:



So, how do I go back and change my review then or delete it?? Or do I need
to file a claim of fraud with my credit card company?


Also, why can’t I submit the message they sent me and they get in trouble
for violating terms of our agreement… I have it in writing…


Buyers can’t change feedback - you can ask your seller to initiate a process so you can, but I don’t think that will happen somehow.

The sellers, although behaving in a way which doesn’t show them in a good light, didn’t commit fraud - no basis for a CC claim.

By closing the order and accepting it, you declared the work was done to your satisfaction - you can’t now go back and say that it wasn’t done as required.

Please, never ever be put into the position of ‘if you mark your order as complete, I’ll give you…’ - get the final work as your delivery or cancel the order. It puts us all in a bad light when sellers behave like this, and buyers let them get away with it.

Sorry you’ve had this, but you’ll know better for the next time.


The fraud comes when they make an offer for something free in writing to you in EMAIL and then don’t deliver and then don’t respond. I am pretty sure my credit card will take my email chain as evidence and give me my money back. I will keep you posted…


How can you make a credit card claim for something which would have been free? You lost nothing so how can you claim it back?


Initiating a credit card chargeback would be a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service; Fiverr might ban you when you do it, and if that happens, you won’t be able to keep us posted.