Don't Be Afraid of Your Customer...Or of Asking Too Many Questions


In my niche on Fiverr I focus primarily on Resume construction and the occasional cover letter. I have talked to a number of my buyers who have previously purchased a similar gig from other sellers, and told me they were not happy. Well, my first response of course is, I will do my best to be your last seller at Fiverr for this.

So How do I achieve this?

  1. I ask for a clear expectation of needs up front. I actually ask for their current resume (even if they just give me all the data in a raw form that’s fine).
  2. I ask them to tell me what format they may want it in (as some have a specific form in mind such as functional vs. chronological).
  3. I repeatedly message the buyer when I have any questions. By repeatedly I don’t mean the same question over and over, but rather, if there is anything that is unclear I ask for clarification very early on.
  4. If you have sold and express Gig waste no time, get right too it, and be sure to ask for clarification immediately, so you can not only complete the order in the expidited time frame, but my goal is within 20% earlier than the time frame committed. So for example if my time to deliver is 5 days I only give myself 4 days to have it completed in. This keeps the buyer happy, and shows you are committed to your deadlines. Also this gives you a day buffer if something comes up or goes wrong and you can’t finish it by day 4. You always have that extra day.
  5. If you are going to miss your deadline don’t just let it pass by, ask the seller if they mind waiting. I recently had to do this as I had a medical emergency with one of my children. Remember our buyers are people too, if you let them know that something is going on likely they will work with you no questions asked. I’ve had buyers give me amazing feedback even though I was late and when I thanked them and inquired they said, the communication was so impeccable, as was the final product how could you not be given such an amazing review.
  6. Don’t be shy about asking for a positive review in your delivery submission. Soime seller’s don’t realize the role they play in helping your ranking through their feedback.
  7. Don’t forget to give your seller feedback, and don’t just put ‘good customer’ put some descriptive items about what you did for them. Afterall remember these comments show up on your gig page, which ultimately gets increased traffic based on SEO rules. So the more you include appropriate keywords, and points the more this will help with that ranking (but don’t keyword stuff of course).

    I hope those 7 gems will be useful to someone.

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Excellent words of wisdom.



Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thank you! Its just what I’ve learned seems to work over my short time as a seller here on fiverr, and I have anywhere between 2-5 orders per week at least. In fact I can’t seem to go on vacation without being like, hold on I have to make sure I take care of these… :slight_smile:


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