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Don't be afraid to cancel orders

I find Fiverr’s Choice orders to be rather peculiar. Most of them come through without a prior contact (when I very much insist on it) and the brief is mostly ignored with the person assuming I’d connect the dots while leaving me with requests like: “It’s a title screen for a cartoon about misadventures of a dead body, bye!” (paraphrasing).

I don’t know if it’s the badge that does it, maybe your gig gets advertised differently and implies that you’re a mind reader more than usual, who knows. But in any case, I got quite a few of those orders and things were going well.

Then an order comes along and it’s for a movie poster.

I get a direct link to the said movie. Which, by the way, don’t do it. If you created a piece of art and want someone to advertise it, give people a synopsis of what you wanted to say by the entire thing. It’s your art, without you elaborating on it the entire process will be an art class exercise.

The movie is in French. The buyer clearly knows I’m not French because he tells me “you welcome” in Russian at some point for no apparent reason. The rest of it is a sequence of words for me to insert, one of the words appears to be in Italian, 2 others appear to be names, the rest of them I can’t decipher. He tells me that the size should probably be X and to “do what I want”.

His English is not too good either so I am absolutely going to treat that future 2* for Communication that I got as a personal insult.

I reach out for clarifications on, well, pretty much everything, get a link to the movie with English subtitles and a synopsis that is, paraphrasing: “It’s about a couple revisiting things”. That’s it, no specifics. I can see that it’s about a couple even in the French version due to me having eyes.

Here I start to suspect that I will probably be better off canceling the order because the task appears to be vague on purpose. Before covid19 an order like this would be gone from my queue without a second thought. I enjoy a challenge on occasion but I’m also a human being. It’s my time, money, and ambitions that are on the line. I don’t like to “take shots” and “play around” with that.

But there is the virus and that badge that kindly reminds you repeatedly that you should do amazing job OR ELSE… Fiverr finds “OR ELSE” motivational and I like the platform enough to accept it as a personality quirk.

So I think: “Okay, maybe I’m imagining things and he just wants me to interpret it how I understand it”. I have a great track record with movie and theatre posters, it involves a great deal of interpreting although I usually have a few lines of synopsis in all of those cases.

I put the design together, send it over, get 1.7*. My second negative rating in 5 years on the platform according to fiverr’s filter, my fourth negative rating according to me. There are no revisions (I was worried about how those would be worded but got lucky in a way) which is the first time ever. I pride myself on being able to salvage even the most unsalvageable orders. The English in the review is much better than in all the “requirements” that I’ve received. In short, he imagined the design to be something else.

The end.

PS The moral of the story is: cancel. If you can afford it, cancel. When something feels off consistently, don’t be pressured by badges, "OR ELSE"s, viruses, economic instabilities of the world. Do it, you’ll be better off. I got myself in this cycle of anxiety in recent months and it’s not working out well for me.

PPS I’ll let you know how getting 1.7* on a Fiverr’s Choice order goes. My prognosis is either nothing happens or my gig will be in a dog house for a while.

UPD: I woke up today to a threat in my inbox. The buyer didn’t like the response to his review and is demanding that I change it in 24 hours OR ELSE they’ll be taking it to CS and showing them “the entire conversation”. Seemingly unaware that CS has access to both order’s page, inbox, and all the files included.

I reported the threat and went to CS first.


One of my most hated things about Fiverr. It constantly threatens the Seller with negative consequences. It makes me feel like a child disappointing my parent.

I’ve also had quite a few very strange Fiverr’s Choice orders. Almost all of my rudest clients from the last month have been Fiverr’s Choice buyers.

I’ve had 3 cancellations the past 2 weeks. One told me he was angry he couldn’t leave me a bad review for telling him I wasn’t going to do extra work for free. The audacity of me. I love cancelling orders. My favorite part is explaining to the rudest of my clients that upon receiving their refund the rights of the files I sent them will remain in my possession and they will no longer be allowed to use the work in their project.

I guess I’m lucky enough to have 99% normal, reasonable clients so that I can use that 1% cancellation when I need to.


:raising_hand_woman: Same here
I don’t want anyone making me feeling bad or pressured when it’s my right to choose with whom I want to work. It’s my right to refuse working with someone if they are rude or if they don’t communicate properly on their requirements. I can’t help them if they can’t help themselves. And I don’t want to be penalised for that.

@lenasemenkova another nightmare for me is “you are the designer that’s why I hired you, use your creativity”. And me going like “But… but… what’s your company name for a logo”


Ooooh my, I feel you. Not so long ago I had the topic about this category of orders, but had to remove it because of people attacking me for not being pleased with Fiverr system. How dare I!

I really hate that the Seller is always guilty. Buyer placed the order by mistake? Penalty. Buyer selected “Basic” package, but wants x3 Premium things to be done and refuses to pay more? Penalty. Buyer can’t speak English or ignores you? Penalty.

Fortunately, at the moment I have 3 FC orders and all the customers have amazing projects and being really sweet and communicative. Overall, I had not so many cancellations, but 100% of them happened because buyers placed their orders without contacting me first or because of their poor English.

I do understand that Fiverr was created with the system “You see - You buy”, but it doesn’t work so with illustration and design (I am pretty sure that it doesn’t work with many other categories as well, but I’m just talking about my field). Quality art takes a lot of time and effort, I don’t understand how people can’t see that 100% original full-rendered artwork with 8+ characters and rich background cannot be done in 24 hours and $5 budget. Yet, they place the orders, complain about time and pricing (like, “Actually, my budget is $5, but your basic package is a lot more! That’s why I think you have to do 4 more illustrations for me. And deliver tomorrow or I will report you!”) and when you have to cancel them, you are the one being punished.


UPD: The buyer is now threatening me to remove my response to the review because I’m “defending myself maliciously” there. :slight_smile:

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If the buyer is threatening you, you should report the buyer to CS, because its against the TOS.

Oh, I did already.

CS ignored the threatening part and immediately went to “as long as the comment is honest, you have the full right to leave it”. The buyer claims that he’ll be reporting me as well.

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Slightly off-topic, but I think ‘tone of voice’ is an entire area in desperate need of an overhaul on Fiverr, all the way from the way in which (some) Customer Service staff speak to you, right through to the automated messages and emails that appear on the system.

There seems to be two blanket rules when it comes to tone of voice, certainly when addressing sellers.

  1. Treat everyone like they’re a moron
  2. Treat everyone like they’re a cheat

When you’re just starting out, with no selling history to fall back on, I kind of don’t mind this approach. But surely, by the time you’ve hit Level 2 or above, an element of mutual trust and respect wouldn’t be too much to ask?

The idea that you can give someone a Top Rated Seller level, but still prompt them with a “Have you got everything you need?” message 30 minutes after someone orders, I find baffling. It’s like calling your friend to ask if they could pick up some bits from a store on their way to your house, then calling them back to remind them to use the toilet before they set out…

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Yeah, super malicious, your response, especially compared to the “lazy day” that buyer so benevolently insinuated. Looks like a factual response to me, no idea what they want to report you for. If I’d look at that review and your response as a buyer intending to buy your gig, it definitely wouldn’t bother me. Just a pity that the responses to reviews only show up under the gig and not on the profile too.

I see 3 5* reviews above that one when clicking the gig itself, although those are older reviews. The profile, with the default “most relevant” sorting shows it on top, but the “most recent” sorting has a 5* already above it which isn’t yet visible for me in “most relevant”, so hopefully it will show up in “most relevant” too soon.

At least, I finally took the time to look at your profile and gig portfolio, some amazing stuff, and I see you’re offering logos too now, great option for people who want colourful :slight_smile:


The only thing I would add about not being afraid to cancel orders, is that you do, sadly, have to consider whether or not you’ve got enough volume on your gig for it to not cause you a problem.

We maybe cancel one order per month, on average, on our voice over gigs. But we get more than enough orders on both, that this never seems to cause us an issue. I now realise that we’re fortunate because of this.

We’ve got a couple of video gigs, that are about 6 months old. They’re high value, low volume gigs, certainly when compared with our VO gigs. One in particular was massively out-performing the other - we had all 5-star reviews from very happy clients, and were getting 3 or 4 enquiries per day (most of whom were tire-kickers, but enough enquiries to convert about 1 per week into a decent order). Things were really moving in an exciting direction for it.

Back in March, the Covid19 situation meant we had to cancel 3 orders in close proximity, all related to the hospitality industry. Can’t be helped, there were people in the world with much bigger problems than a few cancellations. We tried to initiate these via support, but because the buyers had already initiated cancellations, we were told we had to accept those. This must have pushed our cancellation rate to way over 50% for that particular gig, because honestly, Fiverr have BURIED that gig. We went from 3 or 4 enquiries per day, to maybe 2 per month if we’re lucky.

I’m not complaining - it is what it is, and we’ve thankfully got a couple of orders lined up for it, which along with the 60 day analytics rule, will hopefully give the gig a shot in the arm. I’m confident that in the long-run, the gig will be fine. But if you’ve got a low volume gig, even a single cancellation can be so damaging, I can kind of see why some people would be super afraid of them.


Yes, you are correct, When I was new I dont want to cancel order, but now I don’t afraid to cancel order.

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The rebuttal to my comment is:

  1. True, but when you asked I provided the information in English.

  2. Absolutely false, a line of text that can be literally paraphrased as “people revisiting moments” (while not specifying what moments specifically) and a link to a movie that is open to an interpretation is sufficient information and is, apparently, 100% in line with what my brief asks to provide.

  3. True but that design was so bad no revisions would save it.

(I’m not talking to him, he’s talking to himself in my inbox).

I’m just surprised that he’s surprised that he didn’t get what he wanted based on the information he provided, I suppose.

Yeah, I figured I’ll experiment with things, see how it goes.

Thank you for the support, I didn’t expect things to escalate. I’ve left a few negative buyer reviews or responses but this is the first time it comes back to bite me.


This is the key point when considering cancelling. I got burned once because of that, had to wait 2 even three months to start getting orders again.


Yes, absolutely. I sort of assumed it was obvious but I should’ve added it. I edited the post to include it.

It took me, like, 2 years to accept the levels evaluations and I still try to swallow that TRS email. It takes time to wrap my head around such things. Are there established sellers who abuse the system? Absolutely. Does this kind of tone improve or in any way assist the performance of those who do not? Not at all.


As frustrating as it must be, you have only 2 negative reviews of 2,185 good reviews. This review didn’t even leave a scratch on your profile :slight_smile:


This review cannot even bring your gig rating down from 5.0. You must have A LOT of orders coming in. It will take me ages to get there. If fiverr puts your gig in a dog house for a while, there is something seriously wrong with the algorythm and its just crazy, especially for them.


I think i get exactly what you were trying to say.

Just so there’s no uncertainty, I wasn’t criticising your original post when I added my point - I thought it was a very valuable read. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Amazing. They want to censor your response to THEIR negative review on YOUR business page :rofl: what on earth??

For the record, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this to you before, but your work is absolutely breathtaking. I’ve been trying to find some excuse to buy a poster from you, I just have no idea what I would need one for :sweat_smile:

also “____ is waiting for a response from you for __ hours.” They’re literally not, we discussed an extra, I sent them an offer and told them thanks and to contact me with any questions, and they accepted it. What else is there to say?


I don’t know if fiverr notifies buyers when their reviews get a response but if they don’t, I’m slightly more disturbed because it means he was hanging around my gig page after the fact to observe the impact. Or something.

Thank you! I always feel a bit awkward when I work with people from the forum (‘cause we’re buds and stuff) but if you’re not afraid of THE BRIEF, I’m always open for business. :slight_smile:

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