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Don't be afraid to raise the PRICE!

I recently came to a realization that my work is SO valuable and I do deserve to charge people what I think it is - and not what SOME think - STICK TO IT! valuable clients with valuable, rewarding work - always appreciate your offer to the fullest!

I do translation gigs - Korean to English vise versa -

It is very difficult sometimes when I get jobs like having to google to STUDY the material because I just simply do not have expertise in that specific field of literature. Not because I lack on comprehensive skills - I just would like to know fully what I am translating and if I understood it correctly then translate it - My work is perfectly completed.

Sometimes it is very difficult - because some clients will ask for translation of their company’s business proposal - then later I am a little stuck with HOW should I word this into more marketing friendly material.

That is the reason why - I charge what I charge - and my offers are often ‘ignored’ but I just wished some clients would understand why I charge what I charge. I do not absolutely over charge - I don’t even think about the 20 percent Fiverr will take out of my earning sometimes - which I think I am supposed to be doing ? I am not sure -------- !!! Do you guys do that?

What kind of methods do you guys use to measure/quote the price on your gig - Especially on the custom orders. LET ME KNOW!!!

Do you guys have any suggestions? or Am I just a freaking too much worried and striving to be perfect? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

High quality clients aren’t afraid to pay more. In fact they prefer to go with the more expensive options. It makes your life a lot easier.

Agree with Genesisbio here. High-quality clients will pay more.

I had a client who surprised me. I offer 2 350-word news rewrites for $5… meaning $20 is 8 short articles. However, this client suggested that my time is worth more… at least from his standpoint, and he pays me $20 for 6 articles. It was HIS suggestion, not mine, but it made me feel good knowing that he respects both my time and efforts.

High quality services always deserve good price… and valuable buyer don’t be afraid to pay for valuable services. Thanks

If you really offer high quality work no matter in what categories. RAISE your base price!!
I offer very high quality Portrait service, I adapt the new gig packages since it came out and it ignore alot of problem buyer who want the world for $5. You’ll earn more, do less in long term and you’ll feel great because you feel your work is valuable.

I don’t see a point to offer $5 gig nowadays in 2016 if you really offer high quality work, that just waste of time.

Exactly. Buy raising your standards you will also attract buyers with higher standards. It’s a fact that you get a better quality of buyers when you raise your prices. They are better educated and have better communication skills, what leads to more satisfying projects for both sides.
The cheapo-buyers will always try to negotiate, even if one already offers something for $5,-

I agree Chris, I try to offer a very high quality custom Music Logo Design service and although I haven’t adapted to the new packages…the recommended Gig Extra’s usually raise the BASE PRICE.

Your Gig for quality vector Portrait illustration is a good example when raising the base price is necessity!lol

Hashtag #DontBeAfraidToRaise lol :smiley:


  1. Raise your prices. You actually don’t need to be around those cheap buyers, who think you can sell them the world for $5.

  2. Googling something to study the material is understandable and even more understandable by high quality, educated & professional buyers.

  3. I have extensive experience in web application architecture and development and I still google things. Even best programmers in the world do google things, because you simply can not be perfect at everything. I am actually a very good programmer and problems solver, however there are areas in the web I hate working with. “that’s normal” so please don’t feel bad about googling :slight_smile: (I will tell you another secret about me, I read more than I code, so if I spend 4 hours coding then I will spend 6 to 8 hours reading)

To answer your question

“What kind of methods do you guys use to measure/quote the price on your gig – Especially on the custom orders. LET ME KNOW!!!”

  • Sometimes hourly and sometimes it depends on the problem itself, you still can charge $1000 dollars for one hour of work, I know you might be asking how does this work?

Alright, I will give you an example: You have pain in your heart, you make an appointment with a doctor, you go for a check and it takes him 5 minutes to figure what the problem is, Bang he charges you $100 dollars

In short: this means it depends on the importance of the problem you are solving, one of my latest good deals is when I charged $600 dollars for two hours of work and I deserved those $600.

Outside fiverr, I charged about $2000 dollars for one day of work, when the CEO of the company I used to work with called me for a project, and I charged him $2000 dollars for that day it actually was less than 8 hours of work, it was about 5 hours of work. Good deal, eeh?

The story didn’t end here, the company’s client asked for more work, I charged them again another $500 for a day of work and again another $1500 dollars for two days of work.
So that was a total of $4000 dollars for 4 days of work.

I wasted a lot of hours on fiverr doing things almost for free, but no more, now my motto is take it or leave it!

Good Luck

Great concept, and well articulated, flawlessbunny! This is a wonderful confirmation of what my intuition has been telling me all along. I get those hagglers that stop by occasionally, but I don’t want to do that anyway. I think by having higher prices, those people move on, and I get a lot better level of client!

One of the best things I’ve ever done on Fiverr is raise the price. I’ve noticed that I get higher quality buyers who pay attention to delivery instructions and know what they want. I may have fewer gigs but I find I’m doing a lot less begging (for instructions) and that really helps my attitude.

Also, because I tend to over-deliver I don’t mind knowing that I’m being compensated.

Agree on that. It’s a fact that the low quality buyers have problems explaining what they want. It’s a total waste of time figuring out what they are actually asking.

I don’t know if I’d call them “low quality buyers” but I’d say that someone who is willing to spend $30 to $300 on a video or voice over is going to pay more attention to the details to make sure they explain their wants and needs better than someone who says, “go look at this video and give me a 1 minute testimonial about our company.” I’ve had a few of those and it’s frustrating because I only do actor re-created testimonials and require a script. In addition, “research (watch a video)” is also extra and I work off of word count.

Don’t get me wrong. If I see someone doesn’t speak the language or they struggle to express themselves then I will absolutely pitch in and do everything I can to make their video work. But, it’s a lot easier to do when I’m making $30 as opposed to $5.

Right after I posted in this thread I got a message from a fellow seller that said, “The whole point of Fiver is for people on low budgets, hence, Fiverr, now you want $30 min order. You need to opt out of Fiverr and go pro as what you are doing is trying to rip people odd” [sic].

Quite the contrary in my opinion. Fiverr is about giving people options. Fiverr isn’t for people with “low budgets.” If you don’t like my $30 gig then go buy a $5 gig from someone else. Why trash someone else’s efforts? It’s good business to get top dollar for your efforts if someone is willing to pay for it. This makes sense for my business model and Fiverr’s.

I certainly don’t fault anyone for being on a budget but at the same time I have to consider my time and mental health. :slight_smile:

So, whether you charge $5 or $500 for your efforts. Good luck and happy selling.

As every platform evolves, so does Fiverr. The whole $5,- thing is something from the early days. I assume that you are along time member. So you remember that in the beginning a majority of the gigs were quite funny ones, like “I will dive into a pool holding your sign” etc…

When it came to all the other ‘normal’ gigs that were offered for $5,- you could tell that the seller wouldn’t spend more than 15 to 20 minutes on them.

Yes, the name of the site and the URL is ‘Fiverr’. It’s something that you can’t change afterwards.

During the years more and more people from countries where $5,- is a lot of money jumped onto the band wagon. Most of them with a total different mindset, trying to sell professional services for unprofessional prices. In many cases they seem to think that just saying that they are professional actually makes them professional.
These are b.t.w. the sellers who are whining in the forum because they don’t manage to get their first sale.

If a buyer wants a $5,- job done I’m always happy to direct them to $5,- sellers.

It is So So So So true.
In my early days…on Fiverr I was pretty desperate to get cliental - then now I am not trying to be a stuck-up - but seriously get those buyers who are not worth my time sometimes…I get a little upset when some buyers just buy my basic gig then I will have to explain to them, I will have to add extra charges - then they will just cancel the gig like I overcharged them… - even though I already have explained the details on my gig description -

I think you’re absolutely right on charging what your work deserves. However, as a practical strategy, I think charging lower in the beginning in order to get clients and show you can actually do the job is best.

Once you have an established portfolio, or testimonials/reviews that your work is top notch, then it’s time to raise your prices :wink:

Alas, this is only a strategy. Whatever works for you, works :slight_smile:

of course ! the motto of this website is to offer a quality gig STARTING $5

When you are still struggling to get to the level 1 or 2 seller, it is helpful to use Buyer requests feature and offer a bargain deal which you aren’t looking for money but looking to gain more clients and experience. It is worth the time.