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Don't be lazy. You can hurt yourself


So I was working on a gig.
A logo to be exact.
Next to my desk is a bag of M&Ms.
Peanut butter to be exact.

I reached my arm out to get the bag.
I should have just gotten up from my chair but I was lazy.

I fell.
Well, I leaned to the side too much and the chair fell down with me sitting on it to be exact.

Guys, don’t be lazy. Just get up and walk over to your snacks.
Even when you are busy working on your gigs. :roll_eyes:


I hope you didn’t get hurt!


The important question is
Was it big bag of M&Ms or small one. If you fell cause of a small one then it wasn’t worth it.


I did hit my head, and
I also kiiiiiiiind of scratched my hand a bit but it’s not bleeding so not a big deal.
My head and thigh hurts more! :sweat_smile:


It was those huge family size bags, I got the biggest one I can find from Target! :smiley:


Since you are from Japan and I like to watch Japan movies and TV-shows I can totally imagine the scene you just described. I hope you liked your snack anyway. :rofl:


Something like this happened.
And yes, I did enjoy my M&Ms.

I hit my head and thigh and hand, but in the end it was worth it.


This reminds me of a story YEEEEEEAAAARRRRSSSS ago as a young kid doing a paper of some kind in the living room. Paper was JUST out of my reach, as I needed to add another page. I was SO made and irritated that I couldn’t reach the paper…without having to move my bottom from the floor…I WENT to my bedroom to get more paper, you know…to show that stack of paper a few inches away that I wasn’t messing around!


I’m :joy: not because of your fall. It’s because I literally pictured this scene inside my head and because of this line…

Funny stuff! :smiley:

I’m happy you’re OK tho. :hugs:

Whew! That was a close call from sustaining a major injury.

There is a bag of :strawberry: twizzlers sitting on my desk, it’s :eye:ing me and I’m :eye:ing it…
Ugh! Decisions-decisions. :yum:


Hum, I’m not sure if peanut butter was worth it. The crunchy ones, now that is worth it. :grin:


Aweee, you could have used a pencil or a ruler to reach that darn paper!!


Get’em! Get those twizzlers!! I know you want them…


I think for me the peanut butter ones are special because I can’t find them in Japan.
The regular ones, the almond ones, peanut ones, you can buy them in Tokyo,
but the peanut butter ones you just can’t find them.
Every time I go to the states I buy the biggest bag I can find! :heart_eyes:


I may have to go on a road trip in search of the peanut butter ones. I don’t think they have made their way to the south yet.


I hope you get to find them!
Take my advice and do NOT check the calories on the back of the bag though…


I like the coffee M&Ms! :coffee:


Come on, if they made it to the wilds of Montana, they must be in the south!


COFFEE!!?? They have COFFEE M&Ms!!!??? :scream:

Why the heck did I not see them at Targets!?


I do not see them anywhere here very often. I found the last pack at Walgreen’s.
They have them on Amazon.


@zeus777 eus777 I like the Chili nut too. They are chocolatey and spicy. :hot_pepper: But I agree, I like the peanut butter better than the peanut ones.

Zeus, did you know you can have personalized M&Ms? My daughter-in-law put their engagement picture on them for her and my son’s wedding.