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Don't be that kind of buyer... 5 tips to build long lasting relationships with sellers

Hello, buyers! I get excited for every new order, but sometimes communication with buyers fails, making things difficult. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid, and tips to improve your communication in order to build long lasting relationships with your sellers:

    We sellers try to build an effective communication with our customers, yet some buyers don’t know how to proper communicate their requests: either they don’t know the jargon or are affraid to be bothersome to the buyer, they don’t say things effectively enough. If we sellers ask something, answer it clearly and thoroughly, and if we don’t ask it, say it anyways, to see how can we help you. Most of us are not actively ignoring you, your satisfaction is our main goal and we read carefully everything you request, sometimes we just don’t get what you’re requesting and need further clarification. Communication is crucial to satisfaction. Most of the times we sellers don’t mind answering all your questions if it means we can make you feel satisfied.

    This goes along with point 1, but the problem here is not being verbal about something you don’t like. How can we be aware of our mistakes and shortcomings in providing our services if we don’t get any feedback throughout the working process? How can we correct them? Express how you feel, behind a screen we don’t have a way to know how you feel. For some sellers it may sting for a little while knowing we are being incompetent, but it’s better to be aware of our shortcomings and correct them, rather than receiving a negative review or a cancellation. You are investing money in our service, we are investing time in your order, value our time and honor your money by asking the seller to deliver something that satisfies your needs.

    We have plenty of customers asking for things we can’t or don’t make. Problem is, once an order is placed, cancelling it affects our rates and therefore our reputation. Read carefully what the seller offers before placing an order, because you risk losing your money and time. There are plenty of sellers on Fiverr, if one doesn’t makes what you want, you’re going to find another one who does. If you’re not sure about something, message the seller first. It saves us lot of time too. Also, don’t ask for extra unpaid work or work that is out of the scope, or abuse the revision feature, it is against ToS and seller can report you.

    Trust the reviews, if someone has good reviews, it is likely because they’re good at what they do. Don’t disregard their opinions about your work, and respect them. Hearing our advise can give you a more professional result. Most of us don’t charge money to deliver something you can diy by watching a YouTube tutorial. Respect our expertise, after all, if you knew how to do it, you wouldn’t be spending money in order to have someone else doing it, would you?

    It is ok to ask for updates. It is ok to ask for drafts or prototypes. What is not ok, is messaging the seller zillion times asking for updates or drafts, specially if you have agreed on a specific number of updates or drafts. Some sellers are communicative, some aren’t. It will be ideal if every one of them kept you updated and came to you frequently, but not all sellers do it: some are busy, have orders in queue, or simply don’t want to answer unproductive messages from you because it makes them lose time. Make sure every message you send them is relevant to your order and don’t micromanage them. Change your 9 to 5 job mentality: you’re not our boss, you’re just one of our many customers.

Have a happy buying!


Thankyou @moonstaredits for this. This can be really helpful for newbies like me aswell to all.


This part makes this seem more a ‘Ranting Pot’ topic. Or a ‘Fiverr Stories’ topic.


How? It is an introduction.

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Generally, if you want your advice to have credence, you don’t say ‘I’m new’ (or ‘first topic’). The rest of that block sounds like you’re advertising.

Condensed to reduce post length.

This is to buyers, right? Make it about them, then, not about you. (As it’s written, this sounds like a frustrated, fed-up, disgruntled rant. Not a teaching tool crafted from a desire to help.) Plus, it rambles. Intros can be important, but you’ve got 5 seconds to grab a buyers attention, right? ALL of that can be summed up in two sentences:

Hello, buyers! I get excited for every new order, but sometimes those can be difficult. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid, so you can have a great experience!

Short and to the point.

“Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.”
~ Excerpt from Strunk’s The Elements of Style. “Omit needless words”


Thank you for writing that explanation. I will edit it.

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Thank you for this topic. Haven’t read of a wonderful topic like this before.


I am a good seller thanks for sharing…

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