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Don't be Upset. Be Patient!


I started working on Fiverr at 2015. I got my first order two days after Signed Up but I touch the Level2 at 2017. Sometimes I was feeling something wrong when I don’t get any order from the buyer for a long time but now order is frequently knocking. So I suggest to all the fresher to be Patient!


Thanks for the encouragement.

I am a new seller and I am not at all a patient person. It’s genetic. Our family’s crest says: “Now! Now! Now!”



You can send the buyer request to the buyer who is waiting to buy the services. It helps you to increase the gig view.


Create competitive gigs. It is all about marketing and advertising. It is the first step.

Go to “Fiverr Academy” you will find evry detail under that. Including video tutorial.
This can be found on the bottom of your page


Research says you joined 2015 not 2014.


Is your name really “Baktear Mohammed Amran Google Adwords Certified”?


He would never lie to us.


You know, the fact that 37 of your 43 reviews (which are all on the same gig, I might add) are “this guy is the greatest thing ever” 5-star reviews, doesn’t instill confidence. Either you are using a second Fiverr account to drive up your reviews (which is against Fiverr’s rules, and could get your account deleted), or you really need to diversify your buyers – and build a better Fiverr reputation.

The fact that 86% of all of your 43 reviewed orders are from the same “person” does not make you look like an appealing seller. It makes people wonder if you are somehow cheating the system.


I saw that as well, but then I realized I have twenty-ish reviews from one client because I do his articles every two days. We have had this system for a while, the only thing is that I have several other clients in-between most of his reviews, and sometimes he doesn’t even leave one. So now that I think about it further I am getting skeptic again. Haha


Thank you, sir. I edit it.


Yes. you can check it.


Thank you for kind consideration. You’ll be happy to hear that My client is too satisfied to me that I don’t try to take any task from other clients. I’m always busy with my task given by the client who gave me most of the review and also the revenue. I use the to earn and all of the orders given to me by following the rules of Fiverr and Fiverr has the conversation history to track me and buyers.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough: is “Google Adwords Certified” really a part of your name?


I’m Baktear Mohammed Amran. I got the Google Certificate at January 2017.


Then you might want to rephrase your profile description, because right now it looks like “Google Adwords Certified” is a part of your name. Buyers who see it might either wonder what were your parents thinking when they named you like that, or whether you’ll be able to communicate in English. :slight_smile:


Sir, Would you please view my profile? is it ok or not?


I just told you to rephrase your profile, because it looks like Google Adwords Certified is a part of your name.

If you need more help, perhaps someone will volunteer, or you can look for sellers who offer help with profile/gig descriptions, and hire one of them.

Also, I suggest you don’t call people you don’t know “Sir”, unless you’re certain that you’re not misgendering them, and that it’s acceptable in their culture.


Um, is it ok or not to assume @catwriter is a Sir? or wished to be called Sir?


Very true! Be patient.

I started with Fiverr in February 2017, and today I am Level 1 seller and getting good number of orders as well as review. In my first week on Fiverr, I had no order. Than I study the platform, and done below:
Go to Fiverr academy study the videos
Modify gig for rich content
Give detailed description
Offer what is really possible
Deliver on time
Clear/fast communication
Get review

All these things take time so wait wait wait till system test you :slight_smile:

Good luck to all.


I’m really sorry for your skeptical consideration but I would like to say you with great confidence that there is nothing happen to cheat because My client from the USA and I’m from Bangladesh. We always make our deal via and Fiverr has all the Conversation history, if Fiverr think something happened unethical here it would shameful for me and also my professionalism.