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Don't belive in 5 stars Sellers!

Hi, I new here, And I have bought four tools to improve my blog. Only ONE, works. The others three, was a lie. The product description is one thing, but the real gig is another thing! I have complained about it, and they said that I misunderstood the description. MY GOD, the description it’s wrong! Now you are wondering how these sellers have 5 stars, right? When you say you are not happy with the product, they came with lots of bonus to make you put 5 stars for them. I’m really dissapointed. I can ask for a refund, and I will do that, but I’m still having problem to promote my website, and all… Really frustating. I’ll keep looking for some good products here, if this exist!

Sorry that you had to experience that and best wishes.

Reply to @julipalmer7: Thank you.

your welcome.

Um, what is your objection to any of that.

Why isn’t a refund enough for you? Bonuses are a tried and true method to help with rating and any seller would be a fool to leave it to chance and complainers.

Reply to @madmoo: Hello. I know that this isn’t related to the topic, but I see that you’re a fiverr admin… (i think) and I would like your help.

This is the topic I’ve posted

Reply to @madmoo: Hi Thank you for your great explanation! I do look all that, but I will research better the next time.

Reply to @anarchofighter:I would prefer that the gig solve my problem! Belive me, I’m not happy to ask a refund! I would pay more than the offer, if the product fulfill what it promises. I’m sorry for my English, I’m Brazilian.

What kind of gig did you actually buy?

YOu said you are buying “tools” to promote your blog, but what exactly are you buying?

Reply to @sincere18: SEO, traffic tools, YouTube services.

Reply to @giovannarego: YOutube services? You aren’t trying to buy subscribers are you? For example, that’s against the terms of Use of YouTube. So I was just wondering what kind of gigs you were buying, because some stuff is not legal to do and that may be the reason you are not getting results.

Also, SEO is never a gauarenteed thing, there also are some good ways to do it and some bad ways that will work against you.

As for other traffic tools, what kind of tools?

Reply to @sincere18: I would not buy nothing illegal because this would be bad for me and my website.

About SEO techniques, If the seller says in his ad that is a guarantee that will work, He needs to make it happen. And this was exactly what happen. I will not post who is this seller because I don’t want make a embarassing moment in here.

Reply to @giovannarego: again, @madmoo and others here are trying to point out some red flags for you to look for in the future.

To be a shrewd Buyer, you should be inherently suspicious of ANY guarantee, from anyone.

Reply to @giovannarego: yes, but there are no SEO techniques that can ever be 100% gauaranteed unless they are doing something not legit on the back-end. What kind of guarantee did they give you? Did they say your blog will come up number one on google or something like that? Did they say exactly how much time it takes to happen?

(and you are correct to not give out a sellers name, that is actually against the terms of service of Fivver so do not share any names of sellers) but we are just trying to help you know what to look for in the future by understanding a little about the specifics of what you bought and what kind of instructions you gave the person.

Reply to @giovannarego: So then what kind of “youtube services” did you buy? Views? Subcribers?

Reply to @sincere18: “Your website in Google first page in some hours” “How I got my own video on youtube first page in 3 days”. All this… And when you open this “amazing” tool, he says to PAY youtube, pay google ads, BUY VIEWS with others sellers here in Fiverr… subscribe your website in link aggregators… This is not what was written in his ad… Anyway… Thanks for your help, I’ll keep looking for some truly good services in here.

Reply to @sincere18: How to get youtube first page. I thought it was techniques using SEO to get there, but don’t… His advise is to buy views with a good seller here in Fiverr and out some ads on youtube… This is his amazing way to get YT first page? Come on… But I will ask for a refund. Leaving here. Tks your help.

Reply to @giovannarego: ok, but if someone is simply selling a gig that is going to show you how to do it, then you are buying the information on how to do it. Some people sell “systems” meaning the information on how to acheve things…but if you just got a 2 line email as your delivered gig saying to do those two things, yeah, I would ask for a refund too :slight_smile: good luck.

Reply to @giovannarego: Well, if someone is selling “HOw I got my this on that whatever” then they are merely selling you instructions on how they did it. Not going to actually do anything for you. It sounds like they simply told you how they got their own Youtube video on the first page in 3 days. Nothing wrong with selling information on how someone did it for themselves. But if you are buying those kinds of gigs, you have to kind of think of them kind of like weight loss information…“How I lost 10 pounds in 3 days”…sure someone probably did that and may choose to sell a write up of what they ate, what they bought, what suppelments they took, and all that…you are just buying the information on how someone else did it. If his ad says he is going to do it for you, or give you something else, then of course that’s wrong. Hopefully you get refunded to your satisfaction.

Reply to @giovannarego: No problem at all. Thanks for answering.

I agree, it would be awesome if we could always get the result we want. At least, when we cannot, it’s nice to get a refund.