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Don't Bid on Bad Offers

On Buyer Requests, today I saw a guy with a $5 budget ask for this:

“I need someone to do 10 unverified reviews for $5 on amazon”

14 people have made bids.

Seriously? That takes a lot of time. First you’re going to need 10 Amazon accounts, which means 10 different e-mails.

Then you’ll need login and log out 10 different times (maybe less if you have 3 different browsers).

All that for what? $5? Not worth it.

Not to mention that paid reviews are not allowed! :smiley:

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People who bid on such nonsense requests are the same that spam the forum and/ or post stupid ‘why-don’t-I-make-any-money’-posts.

I don’t know if Amazon checks the IP-address. If so, they also have to log in via a proxy with this 10 accounts.

I don’t see the problem though if someone wants to work for less than a $1,- per hour. Fools meet fools in this case. Let them get together.

I saw a writing request there that was so bad that I nearly smashed my phone. It was 10 articles, 500 words each. $5 total. Don’t bid more than $5. Native English speakers only…
10 replies…

I’d like to see those bids. Are they really bidding $5 for 10 or $5 for 1? Maybe some sellers think they can talk some sense into the buyers. I wouldn’t bother.

Well, you’re allowed to sell them on Fiverr. Google Adsense will disable your account if you pay for traffic or clicks, but you can buy that on Fiverr as well.

I’m fine with it, I just saw “The Big Short,” a movie about Wall Street. These guys talk to a reporter about a major fraud, the reporter tells them, “well, nobody on Wall Street will admit this, and I’ve spent many years developing my contacts, so if I run a story like this, my career is finished.”

It’s the same with magazines, TV and Hollywood/books, only no name writers get bad reviews, the famous ones rarely do, unless their material is so objectionable they have no choice but to review it badly.

The question is why fiverr let this kind of gigs alive?
The buyer request section is for a 70% pure junk, lot of unreal and spammy requests.

I know, I just can’t imagine. I feel that like buyers like that deserve the plagiarized, Russian character filled articles that they will get for that to be honest.

I didn’t think about that, good point.

Well, Fiverr doesn’t want to anger buyers by deleting their accounts. Remember, without buyers, there is no Fiverr.

A writer who is willing to write 5000 words for $5 will either provide plagiarized content or is very hungry for a review.

solow13 is not asking Fiverr to delete those prospects’ accounts, he is saying that there should be more moderators to always keep their eyes on the quality of the Buyer Requests.

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Lol. I’m sure most of them are just offering alternative suggestions.

I’m really new here. I can’t find the section ‘Buyer Requests’. Could you please direct me to it.

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Hover over your profile name and select the Selling link from the dropdown menu. The Buyer Requests is the second from the top of the list. Welcome to Fiverr! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I’m using an ap on a mobile devise. Can’t hover lol. There doesn’t seem to be any other way to get to it that I can find. Thanks for your help anyway :slight_smile:

You can mimic most actions on mobile and I can get to Buyer Requests on my Kindle. You could also probably use a direct link, but really, trying to sell on Fiverr routinely is going to be hard to do on a mobile device.

You also don’t have any gigs right now, so Buyer Requests won’t do you any good. You can’t see buyer requests if you have no gigs.

i got several times buyer say my price is too high and find cheaper one and then back to me with a scrap =)). You’ll earn what you paid, that is what i though

Ok maybe I can’t see it because I haven’t made a gig yet. I thought I could look at what people are asking for even before I make my gig. I need to prepare my presentation for my gig so I’m not immediatly ready to post it.

That section is in the app, explore your app, you’ll discover lots of things.