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Don't Blame Fiverr For Not Getting Orders

Hello Dear Fellows , i have noticed one thing on fiverr forum in last few months.
Not Getting Orders", "How i can get orders ", “no Orders”,"i am not getting any order”.
I will give them Short Sweet And SMART Advice SSS(Don’t Blame fiverr for your own Mistakes).

You re Doing something Weird that is stopping your Orders.

You Need to review where you are Doing wrong “Check your Gigs” ,“Your Profile”,“Promote Your Gigs Off Fiverr”.

Respond to Buyers request Daily .
Most of you ll say Buyers requests is Full of spam and can’t get orders from there,But it is only way To Let the buyers know i am selling something Here .


Yea, instead of blaming Fiverr, blame yourself… then definitely you will find out what are you doing wrong :slight_smile:


100% true:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Sad thing is, no matter what you tell them, we will continue seeing those posts here.
Even if you give them good advice, not all of them are willing to listen. Or might try find an easier way.:pensive:


That is What i am Gonna Tell them :slight_smile: instead blaming fiverr do something effective .

:o: Like what? That’s the question.


Yes that right,

Even worse is new people inbox you to give them orders and when I see there profile they have only joined 1 week ago

So much tired of these newbies


@misscrystal like That.

I think time duration is not important, the ability is the most important thing that how did they write and what were they write for building your web page or applications. that is the point i guess. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fiverr is a system of people and machine. They can’t be blamed for your order or lack of one. This is a competitive arena. So you need to mix up lot of strategy to ensure your success.

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Right! it is :slight_smile:

Just don’t blame at all, not Fiverr not yourself… nothing.
I mean it’s not like “you must blame something or someone” NO!
So just be patient and if people need your gig and want it they will buy it if not they will not as simple as that, and I guess saying that

Is quite weird itself, because stopping orders you can’t control it all the time, there is many factors that affect why you don’t get orders.

However I know that you are talking about other fiverrs @king_of_kings but even tho neither of you are “right” if I want to label it and put it in the section of wrong and right even I don’t like that.