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Dont buy expensive gigs

hey Don’t buy gigs that are a lot of money because if you don’t like the gig fiverr will take your money and let the seller walk away with it. Not only that they wont listen to anything you say and treat you like a criminal, and not even care about your side of the story

I understand your frustration.

I am sure fiverr support has regulations but overall both parties are usually happy.

Don’t sell expensive gigs to first time customers. They can cancel for any reason and you will have to refund them their money. I have a $25.00 limit on first time orders. All big projects can be broken down into smaller deliveries at first.

Of course. There are a lot of seller offer their services on Fiverr, and their price are competitive. If you find the seller with the expensive price, just go to another seller and request for custom offer (if needed). They might give you the best price :slight_smile:

Hello… I always try to show the job done or part of this before buyer places the order. I know that is risky but people normally is honest and buy with the guarantee that his job is fully done. In my case can be done, but maybe in other gigs this is impossible.

Reply to @odbtec:

This method is risky as you’ll waste time and efforts when the buyers don’t like your draft. But I love this as it prevents some bigger troubles like cancellations, disputes, arguments and abuses as they know they can surely get what they want when they order. Generally the review rate is higher too, as most of them would be happy to leave you a review, having such a good service.

Reply to @willpower_hk: I’m agree with you but, as i said in the worse of cases you lose time and effort , but you protect the most valued for you, that is your rating, and give to users of Fiverr more confidence with the site. It’s my point of view and as i told, some gigs can not be managed like this.

You have to be selective. Of course there are buyers who are honest and listen to you. As long as you request can be reached seller

Reply to @odbtec: You are right. If it is questionable if I can potentially help a customer with editing their material, I find myself doing part of the job and showing it to the customer before the orders are started. This gives both of us an opportunity to see if the work will help?

Reply to @mikucchi: wrong

The quality of the forum shows itself yet again, this post is just plain…pointless.

You’re saying to just do $5 orders all day?? Hahahah! Yeah people, blame everyone and everything else but yourself when it comes to YOUR purchases…lol… What a joke.

You order a steak, eat it, and then ask for a refund? Maybe I’ll order some of your Hercules Supplements, take half of em, and then send back for a FULL refund…

Reply to @landongrace: This is a great tip. Thanks.

As a seller, I suggest a basic service $ 5 for the first purchase. And then buy at a higher price. This will avoid any fraud.

As a seller, of course they will be good to you.

Seller will serve your request.

Some custom order, I think that makes a problem.

Because sellers are not comfortable with it, but there are some sellers were comfortable

What kind of gig did you buy? And did you contact that seller before you placed an order?