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Don't buy "Likes"!

So, I bought 700 likes from Fragglesrock who promised them to be “permanent” and “real” and from a specific city. Too good to be true? Yes! Not only were they ALL from Istanbul, Turkey (what?!), they are almost all gone after just a couple days. The facebook page spiked then fell almost as dramatically. This was my first purchase so I didn’t know how naïve I was. I’m glad it was just $5, but annoyed that I wasted my money.

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

for $5 i will show you how to not buy likes.

Reply to @biancha: Queen B strikes again…

…Queen of Unique Gig Creation.


Reply to @regency85: im no queen, im a baby!

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Hey, it’s LATE here in EST - shouldn’t you (and I) be in bed by now?


Reply to @regency85: its 4am gotta finish some gigs X_X