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I am Madusankha From Sri lanka.

I Started Fiverr in 2015 without expert knowledge in Freelance and Graphic Design field.
I knowing that from my friend. I spend 1 or 2 months for my first Sale. then step by step I grow up my talent and be a LEVEL 2 Saller.

I had a good Impression and good customer base in the past few years.

one day someone contacts me on fiverr. I thought He/She Customer. HE/SHE give some link for download Documents. that link address is not familiar. I just only click it and I feel it not a real one and I closed that.
after when I wake up at morning in my Email Changed and got all the Money from my account. that was the worst day I spend. and i need to thank fiverr teem, they really helped me to fix it.

after that my sells going down but still I try to reach up my sales.

I need to say Don’t click any LINK if you FEEL or not. use Incognito in Chrome or Private window in Firfox

Madushw :grinning:


note that… keep in touch… never give up bro


thank you :heart_eyes:


Thanks for your information


welcome bro :heart_eyes:


thanks for your kind information…


At times am always confused how these hackers successfully transfer people’s fund… I think they should pass through some verification process on fiverr… For instance if you want to change your PayPal account on fiverr, you should pass through a phone verification process!!!


Thanks for the worning.


thanks for sharing this


Thanks for sharing…will be careful from now on:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot for sharing this information, @madushw.


Well i feel dumb now that i read you, i clicked a link and donwloaded a song from a “customer”, before selling the gig. Nothing happened i think i had luck.


Thank you for sharing , good luck


thanks so much for this…i must be veeeeeeeery careful


Duly noted. Appreciate u sharing your tale.


yeah… now hackers can’t easily hack accounts. but we need to be safe every time because they finding new ways… :star_struck::star_struck:


thank you :grinning:


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yeah… don’t get risk be careful :grinning: