Don't copy any post on Fiverr Forum


HI …!
Please don’t copy any post of Fiverr as here is everybody is an admin.


The second half of your post is definitely incorrect though it might help if it was true! However, as to the first part, it’s even more simple. Don’t copy and use anyone’s writing, anywhere. If you do so for a valid reason, just give credit to the writer.


Hi emankhan! This is a very good point. It’s not that admin will catch you though, it is that people know when you have copied something. This is dishonest, and also stupid since the only thing it does is make the person doing it look foolish.

Even with no admin here people would know. The person who was copied actually saw her own writing in another person’s post, and then said so. It’s a great way to make a real *** of oneself.




Are you saying that I’m not really an admin? And that @emmaki and @misscrystal and everyone else who ever posted on the forum is not an admin? :smiley:


When a seller copies someone’s writing without crediting the original author, buyers who see it might come to the conclusion that the work they’d receive from that seller would be stolen, too, and choose someone who seems more honest.


Sorry for that admin
I am new




So Nice
we should act upon these rules


:smiley: Did someone find out about the Fiverr Cloning Project?