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Don't disturb buyers

Hi, my name is Joy Paul.
I am a new seller but i have experience working with online services.
Today i want to share some stupid behaviour that shouldn’t do anyone,specially for new seller.

Last few days, i’m observing some kind of stupidity done by seller, buyer post a request for hiring sellers. They post with clear demand what they need but throw the last line they mention that, Don’t send me message.

That means some of the new seller message directly throw the buyers, but they don’t want it. These kind of stupid work make you value less and obviously more rubbish.

So, i beg you don’t annoy buyers from doing that.:cry:


I’m not getting what you trying to elaborate on. I guess you’re talking about buyer requests. but still, this doesn’t make any sense. You can’t DM buyers who posted BRs because Fiverr doesn’t show usernames of them nor links to their profiles. :ok_man:

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I am telling about this type of buyer, who have seller and buyer profile.

They are using fake buyer request post to growing Gig impression.
Then some new seller direct throw message him/his.
It doesn’t look good brother.

This won’t help them. Because they are getting impression from seller, Not buyer.

First of all, I’m not your brother. I’m just a stranger for you as to me you’re. If you want to stay here freelancing for a long time, first start to talk to people professionally.

Posting fake buyer requests wouldn’t grow your gig impressions, I think you don’t even know what impressions mean. Impressions are increased only when your gig is shown to the public on search. I’m not seeing any method that you can get impressions by submitting buyer requests. This doesn’t make any sense.


Thanks for your useful speech.