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Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!

Yes…! This happens to me also. But thank god it’s first warning. But I appreciate Fiverr for this forum. So much information is here. Who really want to grow their freelancer clients and buyers.

Thanks for this information…


Thanks for this information


Oh my God. Then what happens for the new Seller.


Thanks for sharing such valuable information.


This topic is very helpful for us. We can alert about that warning and go progree smoothely. Overall we should read fiverr terms and condition and become safe… Thanks again…


thank you for your suggestion


pls read fiverr Terms of Service


How about no?

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New sellers can take help from fiverr forum also.

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Thanks for sharing. Please tell me who reads the terms and conditions these days? Could you please convey the message of mine to Fiverr team to make videos of the terms? It’s a better option to reach new sellers like me. The terms are too long. It seems like a constitution.:frowning:

I loved the ebook that has been recently launched.

In the article I saw It says it will affect my eligibility. This is so sad. :frowning:
It’s ok.
Sorry for a long reply. I am overwhelmed I guess with all the rules and regulations.
Thank you for giving me all the right directions at the right time. :slight_smile:


Yes, I agree with you. As a new sell we should know all about fiver terms and conditions.

thanks for the reminder @misscrystal

Basically lot’s of new seller comes to fiverr without proper skills. Because of lack skills they get warning, poor rating, unsatisfied clients, less order completion rate.
I better suggest take your time guys improve your skills.
Do some research on client communications.
Make a good quality gigs.
I hope you guys can have a great start then.


very helpful and important tips for all

thanks for you to gives us kind information

they’re an israeli company, after all :slightly_smiling_face:

I posted my first gig and am getting Denied because failed to pass review. I posted about helping people with a heist to get them money on GTA on PS4. Put a random picture up related to the game - first try was a picture of screenshot from my gameplay. Then I tried a pic from google images with the logo… I don’t know what is the reason that it keeps getting denied. What could I be doing wrong??

Thanks in advance!


@ashtonturkov You aren’t supposed to use any logo unless it’s yours. Maybe that’s why.

If you want specific help you just need to create your own topic.

Will I get warning if I used free copyright music for my background video? @lloydsolutions