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Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!

Wait, do you mean free music that’s copyrighted, or copyright-free music? There’s a big difference and yes the first will get you in trouble.

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There’re a lot on youtube channels tittle’s free copyright music, maybe you can check for a while and then please let me know if it’s safe for commercial use? Do I have to pay for using it on my gig?

No. It’s not my job to do your work.

If you want an opinion, you provide an example.


How many warnings can you get before you’re banned off fiverr?

It’s all explained in the original post. Click the link and take time to read it.


Thank you so much for giving me advise.Thanks a lot to share your links i am reading it now.
hope so i will not do the next mistake

Thanks again

Thanks for share your ideas and tips

Obey all rules of Fiverr. Everything will be ok. Don’t get disappointed.

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Very useful…thanks for your time

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I do agree with you.

Thanks. As i am a newbie this has really helped.

This is very good and helpful tips

Very helpful, hoping to read all TOS but am a bit confused since I provide live chat services and the only way to do this is through my inbox

Will keep that in mind… Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Useful information…thanks

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Thanks so much
Nice one

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