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Don't do the late delivery: You may already know it.But,I experienced

This post is for those sellers,who doing late in delivery coz of many reasons.

When I was starting to work as a freelancer,I just created two gigs.I got lot of orders from great buyers. I worked hard,delivered quickly and got great reviews. So that,I became a lever 2 seller very quickly.
After few months,I’ve faced few network and technical issues frequently.So that, I didn’t delivered my products on time.Few orders cancelled by the buyers too.So,the decreased ratings and cancellations made my sales down.Now,Its hard to get new orders.

Dear sellers/friends,deliver your product as soon as possible.Enjoy!

(You can find so many mistakes in my post. If you understand what I’ve wrote here,that’s enough for me.)

Sure I have understood every word that you wrote above. If you were having the technical issues with your computer or internet connection, you should have turned on the Vacation Mode and then come back when all the issues were resolved.

I go to a nearby hotspot with my laptop when our internet goes down. I also have two laptops in case one stops working. You have to try to prepare for any emergency.

@maran_p. It was understandable. I find it very informative too because i did not know it was difficult to get the ratings back up after it was decreased for late delivery.

I must agree, never let an order go into the late delivery.

Although for myself I have let this slide a couple of times, but I always notify the buyer and explaining the situation and that I will do extra work for the late delivery, this always helps.

Delivering late is a no-go for me personally. Like misscrystal said, I also try to be prepared for any worst case scenario.
Also, if I got too many orders coming in (especially the 24h ones) and I see I can’t possibly handle them anymore, I go to my gig and remove that gig extra for some time. Once I finished my orders I put it back active. Same thing with delivery dates which I set to more time.
Vacation mode is a good tool as well, for any emergencies.

Its true and informative word. Its increased other freelancer consciousness 1oo%.if any freelancer want to progress your life,they needs order delivery just fixed time or as soon as possible.

I remember when Vacation Mode first came out, it would mess up the ranking position of my gigs big time. Not sure how it is now.

yes I got your point, That is why a seller should use delivery time more then 24 hours to avoid these type of issue.

Okay, that keeps the buyer happy, but the ticker is still ticking and won’t take this for a good excuse.

What I do when I travel and don’t want to go on ¨Vacation Mode¨, I extend my delivery times and remove the ¨Express Deliveries¨ until such time I am sure to have a proper connection. I have done the same when my previous laptop was giving trouble and was not sure when it would die, till I received my new laptop. :slight_smile: