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Don't do this mistake

I have done this and now i am a lesson for you guys.Few days ago i got an order and it was a big order after completion i delivered my order via google drive and got it,but he ran away without paying money.
In that case i am helpless because mistake was mine so be aware of this kind of people.
Thank you for reading


i think you should not be hopeless. you should try again for work with client.

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NEVER start work on a project until the “client/buyer” has paid for it on Fiverr. If you delivered it via Google Drive, then you must have given them your email address, which is a HUGE violation of the TOS and you could be banned because of it.

If you don’t and are lucky, don’t give out your email address again and make sure to read the TOS carefully.

A buyer only becomes one when money is in the equation. Otherwise, it’s just a scammer!


Thank you very much.

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Perfect answer, really such good points. Thank you for your answer, really

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