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Dont do's on Fiverr

Hello guys,

I am using Fiverr as my sole earning methods since the 3rd quarter of 2015, with the help of my first client who gave me first 5-7 orders which I got after 2 months of my account and gig creation I was on the first level and in the next 3 months I was on second( Slow pace, I know…).

At the end of 2015, I was overloaded with orders even though I increased my gig price 4-5 times higher but still, orders were flowing in and sometimes I had to decline my clients. Then Fiverr’s infamous gig rotation happened and I was on 0 orders from March to May, then again orders start flowing in when I was visible in the search results and again I was making $600-800 every month for next 3 months, then the cycle repeats and keep repeating 3-4 times every year but it was all okay as I was earning good profit which kept me sustained for unemployed months.

Then a dreaded update came in form of cancelation rating reduction and pro sellers, so these pro sellers acquired the place of top sellers, top sellers took the place of 2nd level sellers and 2nd level sellers took the place of the first level and 0 level were forced to become extinct.

So I am affected mostly by rating reduction, because of cancellation ratings.

Actually, cancellation could happen because of any reason which I will list down further. But the issue is whether it is forced(processed by CS), mutual(we both agree to cancel) or chargeback(Paypal, Elon musk you should take this system back) in all of these cases the only affected party is the seller, you will lose your funds, invested time, motivation to do more orders and grow more and also the trust on Fiverr support system.

So the following are cancellation reasons, I have experienced them first hand.

  1. The product is not as discussed ( Fiverr CS don’t see what we discussed, they see what buyer want to see them we discussed )

  2. Not On time delivery ( Client kept increasing demands and you kept saying yes and working on them, now order is late and the client was already on the rush. )

  3. Just didn’t like it ( Add any crap or lie reason here, press the cancel order and boom, you got refunds ! )

  4. Client don’t think that your work worth the money they are paying ( So suppose your client requested to do the task quickly and for the impression, you did it really fast with all your team working on it and presented the results in 2/3 time, now client think that this is short time work so he won’t be paying discussed amount, or if the order is placed then refunds are just a snap of Thanos )

  5. I can do it, why would I pay to you, just cancel the order. ( The client saw some youtube video related to the work he asked you to do and now he thinks he can do it )

  6. Found cheaper option ( You discussed the price, offered the best price you can and got the order. After you have started working on the order client found another seller, half price, halftime and ten times better profile picture, now you will refund ugly face )

  7. Chargeback ( Wants to get something for free? Order on Fiverr and after getting delivery just raise an issue in Paypal, you got the money and the product, best of both world, right? )

  8. You didn’t use the built-in order delivery system( So no matter whether it can be fit in delivery system upload limits or not, just deliver it through the delivery system, otherwise you did nothing and you were trying to scam the buyer )

and in all these cases, you will lose not only the fund and hard work, you will lose completed order ratings, your rankings ( on every 15th of every month ), and new orders, and new buyer requests as well( You will see only few, only for few seconds)

My suggestion to all the sellers,

While working on Fiverr, swallow your pride, forget your rights, and just serve, never ever complaint because for each and every complaint CS has a template to paste on your face, which neither resolve an issue nor helps you get your ratings back and even if you expect to see the fraud buyer banned then don’t expect that too. Buyer is god, God is never wrong.


In every business we face ups and down.

I can see some of your overall points, but these aren’t really helpful tips for anyone and some of them can be avoided. You also have some odd things in here. Level 0 is far from extinction, it’s a place to climb up from whether you are new or demoted. it’s manageable and there are people who have gone from 0-TRS in the first place and those who have been demoted to 0 and climbed by to 1 or 2 (and maybe more.)

Pro is not a level, it’s a badge. A level 0 seller can get a Pro badge with a strong enough career. (Any level can.)

When you submit a complaint to Support, they can see the entire discussion between buyer and seller. Yes, they do often side with buyers because it’s just a simpler thing like many stores give customers credit for returns even if they “wore the dress” once. It’s unfortunate in some cases but it happens. Support doesn’t always side with buyers, though. I know of several sellers who have received help with a buyer broke ToS.

Finally, there is no buyer on Fiverr or another site or in my local town that is GOD to me. I don’t believe that Support thinks of it that way either, they are just running a business, sometimes well and sometimes not. Buyers are not gods and they are sometimes wrong. That doesn’t always mean sellers get their way, but if you want to bow down to buyers then that is your choice. If it came to that for me, I’d do something else to earn money. Period.

If I were you, I’d look through your own rant and see if you can find some things to improve on and fix for yourself. The rest, you’ll have to find workarounds. If you don’t want to do that, that’s on you. Good luck.


This is the Mantra for success on Fiverr.

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Good heavens, NO!

I am proud of what I do, and I will not swallow that pride to make other people happy. Neither should you. If you are good at what you do, be proud of that. There is nothing wrong with healthy pride in your work.

You have plenty of rights as a seller. The moment you forget them, is the moment someone starts to take advantage of you. Have a spine! Stand up for yourself!

And, as an FYI, I have worked with CS on many occasions, and they have ALWAYS solved my problems. If you make demands of CS, of course they’ll ignor you, and just give you cut and paste answers. I wouldn’t want to deal with a demanding seller either, if I were them. But if you work with CS, they are great people who care about helping you solve your issues and tickets. Treat them well, and they’ll do the same for you.

And no… buyers are NOT “god”. Buyers are buyers, and they are bound by the terms of your gig, and the Fiverr’s terms of service. They are often wrong, just as anyone else. The moment you start treating them as “gods” who are never wrong, is the moment you stop being a valid, valuable, or worthwhile seller.

Come on, man… have a backbone! Stand up for yourself, be willing to say no to the unreasonable demands, and treat CS and others as you would want them to treat you.


What if buyer asks to cancel every person here has a different niche e.g say web designing there are lot of things that comes in buyers mind after few days which are not in order but as you are almost up he asks for extra if not provided he will cancel so I guess we have no option because all sellers will never agree to pay more and will at the middle of work say just cancel.

Then option is left? we can’t cancel orders now its harder as the month evaluation rules is in effect


I’d say in most cases it depends on you as a seller how you manage the situation.

Everything starts with the vetting process. If your clients feel that they can cancel a project over a revision or 1 extra feature then you should improve your vetting process. Most of my clients can’t afford to cancel projects. It’s in their best interest that I deliver high quality work on time.

Scope creep is a common problem for web development projects, but you can manage it and it starts with a detailed proposal. You need to clearly outline what’s in the scope and what happens if the client needs an extra feature or additional design elements.

There are always exceptions, but for the most part I think sellers have much more control than they think.


I agree with you however issue is those exceptions ruin whole thing because in web design you can’t take a lot of projects if you doing it individuals so even a single order makes the order completion rate drop below 90% and gig rank also drops.

That is my concern that at some point we need to have patience overall users do understand that some things are not possible or agree with the alternative option.

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I’ve completed 100 WP projects here on Fiverr and only 3-4 clients cancelled the order because they didn’t contact me before ordering and didn’t like the terms I set for them. I was demoted because of those orders, but it had 0 impact to my revenue and I’m back on level 2.

A few exceptions won’t matter. If you’re constantly getting cancellations then you should go over your vetting process and proposals.


Right! Basically experience increases with time I have done great work at low price but as soon we get to know platform and buyers I also try to keep a good value and increase it as per demand.

But I 100% agree with point that if we got good vetting process and proposal hardly orders will be cancelled.

You might not be knowing that you are inspiration because I did check you have reviews after long time but I know your prices are enough to get you what I might get in 3-4 order LOL!

So trying to improve surely!

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I reported the buyer to the CS hours before the buyer requested the charge back, got a reply only after charge back done and in a thank-you note to the seller they cancelled my another(completed with 5 star rating) $300 order with the same buyer.

Beat that !

Yes, I accept that but cheating from the people who supposed to protect the service providers is not a acceptable thing.

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Fiverr still got a long way before able to satisfy both the buyer and the seller.
Right now, Seller only have low security, while bad buyer could play with the system weakness.
If only Fiverr CS could be more helpfull to every dispute Seller have.

Before 2018, I was a 2nd level seller. I have made nearly $11000 and completed more than 200+ jobs so I know most of the terms and conditions.

The issue is that if you are on 0 level, then neither you will see new buyer requests nor buyers will see you as you are somewhere in bottom of thousands of Gigs.

I didn’t said that buyer is god for me, but what experience I got from CS makes me feel that way. You can see in screenshots I added that how the client who should be banned because of charge back was given a refund of another order just because I didn’t use the official delivery button. I don’t think that the websites can be more than the size limit of 150 MB and compression would not do much help.

My concern is that if the buyer charged back then why he was allowed for a refund?

Yeah, this sounds like words of a wise man(women or neutral or anything else which doesn’t cause controversy), but wise definitely.

Host the website on your own hosting’s subdomain, use milestone system and transfer the website only on last milestone so that they can’t leave the project in between without paying you for a milestone.

Get in touch for some more tips.

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Thanx bud :slight_smile:

That doesn’t happen its rare however I am saying possible things.

The method you told is hectic because we can’t host all sites and then waste time in transfer but still if sometimes we thing any buyer might do the wrong we can choose this method

WordPress websites are very easy to transfer, but may be that you are not aware about easy method or do not like the style.