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Don't Edit your gig! AND Avoid Cancellation!


Hey, Everyone - I found How the fiverr working now. If you do edit your gig then your gig may completely hide from the search for the 24 hours or longer than - That’s do effect on your gig search positioning and gig Impression, views & clicks!

So Don’t edit your gig UN-neccessary.

Also Avoid Cancellation - Every Cancellation do decrease your gig positioning in the search.



I recently edited all my gigs and I suddenly started getting orders from new clients. I think it is okay to lose the position for 24 hours if it will result in more sales afterward.


He is right, it happened with me too.


Who among the two posters do you mean is right?


I edit my gigs once a month and my impressions are only getting boosts from that.


yeah, that’s happen with some users only.


Fiverr checks out what you edit in gig. After reviewing gig is published again. Some time re rereview process done quickly, some times it may take some time.


@fast_editing is right.


quite frankly its not true, I was getting orders before and I edit my gig and traffic on my gig starts to increase many folds, I usually edit my gigs in about 2 weeks time and nothing is wrong with that !


Keep your gigs updated. Maybe your update is not so appealing to the listing system.

Check out your content mate…


I edit gigs a few times a year I do not seem to have any issues at all.


Thanks for sharing this.


This is my Real Experience - My One of gig was coming at the Relevance 1st page top of the 2nd row - There was 7K impression in a Day basis. But I edit only my gig price nothing else…After that gig had completely remove from fiverr search. After 2 days, I decided to contact CS and Contacted. They Restore my gig in the Search But That’s gone in 5-6th page now… All impression, views, Click loss and Now I’m not getting order barely.