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Don't edit your gig without no reason

Hello guys, I want your opinion on gig editing. I’m working on Fiverr for the last 5 years. If you’re doing a good job for your buyers. Fiverr will rank your gig one day.
But what after your gig is ranked? Your gig ranking may change according to your cancellation rate, and customer satisfaction. During this period if you edit your gig, Fiverr will drop your ranking to the initial stage. If you really want to edit your gig, just change your gig title and search tags a bit.
Last time my gig ranking was dropped. So, I edited my gig title, search tags, packages, description, and portfolio. Seriously??? Now, it’s been two months my gig impressions are below 30/day:( ZERO new order…

Please don’t forget to share your opinion, looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time!!!


Thanks for your tips . I was supossed to change it , but now I won’t do it .

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Thanks. Helpful tips!