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Don't enable vacation mode,do this instead

Hi everyone, a while back I saw a post where someone asked if they should turn on vacation mode as they needed to go away or were going to be busy.

To which someone gave an excellent suggestion.

Don’t turn on vacation mode and instead increase your prices. This way, you’re gigs won’t have a hard time coming back in the search results and you’ll only get high paying clients that are willing to pay you for the value you provide in the meantime.

So in my opinion,this is the best option.Hope it helps.

Best Regards,
Sudais Asif


Why don’t you increase delivery time? It will effective than anything else. :smiley:


Well, their wouldn’t be more joy in that,right?

Increase both delivery time and Prices.


One would suffice,afterall no one likes to pay more and wait long too.


Why expect an order if you are on vacation.with delivery time and high price your gigs will be in search results at least

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I think between these lines we have our answer Or maybe activating vocation mode is good option after all.

You can always take out time for an expensive order.

Your gig has a hard time coming back.