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Dont even use fivver!

fivver is a collection of non credentialed people who really dont know how to do anything, dont use fragglesrock

he just took my money and then ignored me.Knows nothing about magento!

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wpmg50 said: he just took my money and then ignored me

You know you can request to cancel the order, right? Even if the seller doesn't agree to the cancellation, you can open a ticket with customer support and help you get a refund.

It’s funny how people overestimate work for $5. :slight_smile:

You have order the same work for 3…5 sellers for receive one usable result.

Don’t let your bad experience waste Fiverr potential!!

You can find thousands of very good sellers: just take some time to read their feedbacks to find the ones you trust, then write them and be sure they can do what you need.

Finally place the order and enjoy this wonderful community!

PS: I’m not part of Fiverr team but just a regular user like you, so take my genuine advice as I’m here as seller and buyer from more than two years and believe me I’m not going to leave soon :slight_smile:

Reply to @mark74: I agree! don’t let one bad experience bring you down. There are tons of great and honest people out there. You can always complain and get a refund!!


You can always ask a seller to re-do the work. Make constructive suggestions to seller to improve his work. Also prior to awarding the job to a seller, ask to see his samples. Agree on terms. And have a mutual understanding of what to expect.

Remember, on fiverr you are spending small $$. Even if you get a bad job, think about it this way: You are hiring freelancers who work from home, not some large company. They charge small money but you get what you pay for.

Try to work things out between you and him. If not, then move on to another seller and get the job done again. It’s not like you are going to lose your life savings over one bad gig experience. Good luck.

wpmg50 said: fivver is a collection of non credentialed people who really dont know how to do anything
The Fiverr marketplace isn't vetted by any authority. So yes, there are LOADS of sellers who don't have a clue about what they are selling, or worse yet, sell stolen stuff to make a quick buck.

BUT, every buyer has to keep in mind that even as things stand with "custom offers" and high-cost "extras", the bulk of work provided here is still far below market value. (Although places like Fiverr are lowering overall MV). In exchange for lower costs, the buyer should expect to invest more of their own time and effort into finding vendors that provide quality services.

It all comes down to the relative value of 'panning for gold'.

Fiverr is awesome! You can’t go anywhere else and get these services for 5 bucks…even with gig extras it’s a deal…