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Don't ever TRUST any buyer request from massage


My first advice to new sellers don’t ever trust buyer from massage, I am still new in Fiverr and have no experience yet in selling but I love to share with you my story.

Yesterday a buyer from USA asked me to design a wedsite for him (only design without code) and he told me if I make it within 5 hours he will pay me $40 and after I worked 5 hours continuously and throw this he was chating me and I sent hame pic and he was happy but then he disappear without place any order.

feel very bad after 5 hours my back hurts me and it was 2 am clock when he disappear and he don’t answer me…

I know later on it was my fault but as I said before I have no experience in Fiverr yet…

Sorry for my poor English :slight_smile:


Hello ,

First , It really hurt me when i’ve read your problem , there’s many bad buyers over fiverr looking for new seller to cheat them ,

And always pay attention to the way how the buyer is talking to you and don’t do any work if the buyer hadn’t ordred it !

The good thing is you learn a good experience from this and you wont do it for the next time !

Ps : I haven’t sold any offer yet ! :smiley: so thanks for sharing your experience with us


Hi, sorry to hear about your experience with bad buyer, yes there is a many cheaters who do their job in that way, it’s really going to be a problem here because in last 2 months I have canceled over 10 orders because of that the buyer order a gig after delivery leave negative feedback even if you do more than he asks this is common practice in fiverr unfortunately, it makes me very sad and demotivates a lot.


Thanks alot, this is why I share it with others to be aware from cheating

achkouk wish you all the best :slight_smile:


darrendesign Thanks alot for your feelings :slight_smile:

Yes you are right, some buyers asks me for something even I don’t make service for, like plz code this for me :))


Reply to @achkouk:

Thanks alot, this is why I share it with others to be aware from cheating

achkouk wish you all the best :slight_smile:


Sorry to head that bro, however now that you have learned, only deliver the work when there is an order next time :slight_smile:

Hopefully you’ll sell more good stuff here. Good Luck


Reply to @animevideo: Thanks for your sweet words I hop so :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that.

No orders without orders. No mockups, No “Let’s see what you can do and then I will order.”


Reply to @landongrace: True…I learned a very hard lesson not only in Fiverr but in life


A few people have tried to get me to not only give them large amounts (weeks and one buyer wanted a year’s worth of Facebook design management) of work before placing an order but once I said they could order the gig anytime they still tried to get me to give them tons of free work without ordering. And I am not new, either which is what is strange. At first I chalked it up to one buyer not understanding the system but he knew what he was doing. I didn’t get this when I started but now they are showing up and being very brazen about it. It concerns me that they are taking advantage of people.


Reply to @landongrace: Thanks, Landongrace-I get sick of fake buyers saying that to me. They want tons of fresh content to “see what I can do” but when I direct them to the websites I write for they still want me to “send them samples”. They just want free work and they all start to sound the same after a while. Luckily most of my experience on Fiverr has been good!


Reply to @rachel44: Really thanks for your comment, it’s very helpful , I dont know why there is always buyers like to get some work for free just like we didn’t make a very hard work for him!!! and its only $5 like a cup of coffee


And dont forget to put watermark.


I am greatful that Fiverr has built the traffic. The more traffic, the more crazy people. But we need the traffic.

Also the Fiverr platform has a reputation of people doing stuff for very very little. Which is also good for traffics. If people didn’t believe there were incredible deals available, there would be less traffic.

I think it is a good balance. Just turn down the work you don’t want.

Don’t do 5 hours of work for $5 unless you are leveling up and need the traction. Have a long term game of making what you want to make. You determine if you work for $1 per hour or $100 per hour.

Don’t misunderstand, I invested a lot of time in those first 100 gigs. I knew it would get me to where I wanted to be.



don’t put any efforts without placing the order. Client can choose refund or mutual cancellations if the job is fail


Yeah, never do any work without having the buyer pay first… 99% of the time they’re a fraud.


Thank you dear @yanalsmadi I wich for you the same ! maybe a Million $$

Hahahah :smiley:


Hm… did you mean message? Because I saw that you said your back hurts… after his massage…


Reply to @ishakb: Oh thanks for this tip :slight_smile: you are awesome :slight_smile: