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Don't ever TRUST any buyer request from massage


Reply to @landongrace: you are awesome thanks allot for your time to advice me and after this store I Have changed any things to the best :slight_smile:


Reply to @jithindevasia: thanks for comment :slight_smile: yeah I will


All us sellers are here for the money, no doubt about that, but to maintain stability as a seller you should have and enforce professional boundaries. Don’t abuse your time and energy just because a customer throws money at you: set the rules of the basic gig, set the rules of the gig extras, and stick to them. And if a new customer wants something special (or is acting like he can boss you around for cash), you can always refuse because the customer lacks a buying history with you.


Reply to @jamesbulls: 100% true,Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear of your bad experience. I know when you are new, al you want is some orders and nice ratings to promote your gig but the best advice I ever learned is “Don’t chase the money”. If you offer something good, the good buyers will find you and you will get those earnings and the ratings. You can never please a bad buyer and waste hours of time on them. I suggest you spend some time reading through The Ranting Pot here, it can highlight many of the tricks and cheats bad buyers use so you can be more aware. I wish I had when I was new! Good luck with future orders.


Reply to @writer637: You are so nice person, thanks for your comment and your time, I learned from you and other sellers a lot :slight_smile:


Thanks for your sharing, i will be aware of this thing

Thanks yanalsmadi


Reply to @ramesh_behera: Thanks to you too, you are more thank welcome :slight_smile:


I had a similar experience like this.

He was from Pakistan and it was my second order. I didn’t have any experience or clear idea about how to deal with Fiverr customers.

This guy told me he wants to re create 1000 icons for his app. And he sent me 10 separate orders straight away. I was so happy because I should complete 10 orders to get to Level 1. And I worked so hard, hours, continuously to complete 10 orders in 24 hours.

When I’m done I sent him all the icons 30 minutes before the dead line. Then what he said was he didn’t want those icons anymore. He cancelled all 10 orders at once.


Reply to @laconception: oh am sorry to hear that, it so sad !