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Don't Expect a Miracle for $5


I thought that perhaps this post would help buyers get a clear idea of what they can expect or not when they are buying a Gig.

First of all make sure that you read the details that are already given in the description of the Gig, and before you order, ascertain that you have understood every bit of it. If in doubt, ask questions. Don’t buy, THEN ask questions.

Then, once you have bought, don’t expect more than what was offered. Although, sellers will usually over deliver, it is not something that you should expect.

Don’t bully your seller in the hope of getting more than what you paid for.

If you haven’t had the results you were expecting, it is not necessarily the fault of your seller, so avoid giving a thumb down and a negative comment. It will unfairly damage an honest seller’s reputation, contact them before doing so, he/she might have an explanation and solution. If you check his/her rating and see, for example 123 thumbs up, and you are going to be the only thumb down, you won’t be taken seriously, and sellers might think twice before offering you their services because your seller will justly respond to that.

Remember, sellers at Fiverr are honest people like you and me who are trying to make a living, their financial situation might be desperate. You, as a buyer, are looking for a solution to whatever you wish to attain. We both need each others and are regular humans, so a pleasant, relaxed business relationship will go a long way towards achieving our goals.

I welcome comments, ideas and suggestions. :slight_smile:



Meh. My experience as a buyer has gone downhill. There seems to be resentment by sellers because they feel shortchanged. Not making enough money? Then revise your gig and add on options! I don’t like being treated like a cheapskate just because I’m a buyer here.


What’s Gelling? :wink:


absolutely agree :slight_smile: many sellers face problem like that, we work hard to get better level and we just get negative feedback for our hard work,


Reply to @est1990: Where do you see that?


Reply to @magellon: Lol nevermind… I guess you didn’t get my jokes. There was an older commercial that said: What’s gellin McGellon? It was a for comfortable soles for your shoes. I guess i failed at the joke :confused:


:slight_smile: Sorry, I didn’t get it but other readers will enjoy it. I know what you mean now. I first thought that you spotted a typo on my post. Hope you are doing well with your Gigs. You should be close to Level 2 now !?


Reply to @magellon: Should be… I could’ve sworn i’ve hit the 2 month mark already but apparently I haven’t…


thank you for this post John. can’t agree more!!


On the other hand, if you are looking for a miracle, revisions until you’re happy, and incredible professionalism – for only $5 – please check out my gig!!! I work until it’s perfect.


Reply to @kiffinyjean: you have great gig Jean!


Reply to @kiffinyjean: Thanks for your input Jean. That’s right, as a seller, our aim must be to end-up with a happy and returning buyer. That’s why you are a Top Seller Jean!

jasveena said: Reply to @kiffinyjean: you have great gig Jean!
You too Jasveena L-)


Reply to @magellon: thank you very much :slight_smile:


We’re using creative methods to uncover our experiences on how we cope with trying to make a living.



Thy magellon for the intel, i started fiverr today, but i tought about this issue :slight_smile:

What do you think guys? The way of communication (eg.: Skype, just pdf etc) has a huge influence on buyer ‘behaviour’?

With webinar kind of service you can get closer to your buyer and from that point you can establish a good relationship which may result in good feedback? :slight_smile:


Reply to @kiffinyjean: if you need top notch article writing. Don’t hesitate to check my gig. Only on fiverr! Shout out to jasveena I think I have a crush on her <3


So I’m new here and hope this post is considered in the correct thread.

I posted recently [Aug 02, 13]asking for likes.

In my status it reads “UNAPPROVED”.

What does that mean? Someone has not gotten to it OR declined???

Thanks in advance for your replies.


Magellon, let me ask you, how do you feel about legitimately deserved negative comments. I mean everyone cannot be perfect, not even on Fiverr. You uphold the seller as some downtrodden sap in desperate need of money yet make almost no provision for buyers for whom have been legitimately shafted by shoddy work. And no mention of sellers who actually commit crimes, like plagiarism.


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for your reply to mackinprints