Don't fall for this rubbish 🙄


It’s funny because I don’t offer Admin/Data entry services, so this user is making his or her rounds. :roll_eyes:

If you receive this message report it ASAP.

Keeping running and don’t look back. :running_man:t4::running_woman:t4:

Also, to keep my RR in check I’m forced to reply to these bogus messages.

Unsolicitied offers? Are these people legit?

Profile/cover letter? So your profile itself is a cover letter?


Looks legit to me. :smile: why did you report it? You missed your chance…


IKR :woman_facepalming:t4:

Some innocent Seller(s) would fall for this mess.

It’s a scam, once the person connects with them via (the messaging service). Eventually, they’ll ask for a form of payment. Pretty much for the applicants to prove they are serious about employment. This is an old as dirt scam.


LOLz, I’d rather an interview with the vampire instead. :smiley:


Uh, if it was Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas, be sure to contact me, and
I’ll join you!!! :smiley:

Jokes aside, I haven’t gotten that letter…yet.
Time to play the game of “How Stupid do you think I am.”


Thanks for putting " :smile: " in it cause for a second i thought you really mean it.


Sure, we can go on a double date. :wink:

I get these emails sporadically. Usually, by the time I read the email, it’s already caught by the Fiverr system as spam. The user account is still active btw.