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Don't feel SAFE to provide my ssn thru Fiverr W9 request

Lately, Fiverr asked all of US people to file W9 on the site.
But I am worried about providing personal information through the site is safe or not. What would they gonna do with all our info? I tried to fill that bloody form 3 times, but all these thoughts kept bothering me…

If Fiverr must do this, I’ll just need to quit using it then.
Any other people having the same concern?


It is widely discussed here: W-9 US Verification Requirement

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I saw all the non US citizens discuss about filling it or not and other questions. but I hardly find any related to SAFETY issues. I guess I’ll just quit using Fiverr.
I filed taxes with Fiverr incomes every year in the past. I can file it on my own, I don’t need a 3rd party and online filing another…

Check this out:

There is a contact us button at the bottom of the article if you require further help.


Thank you! that’s good info!

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Hey can I know if you ended up doing it because i have the same concerns. And I’m 17 so i want to know if you think I shouldn’t

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If you are in the U.S. and do not fill out the form, your Gigs will be paused until you do. You will not be able to sell here unless you fill out that form. Doesn’t matter if you are 17 or 88 - if you are a U.S. citizen, Fiverr is required to have this information from you.


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I personally don’t feel it’s safe to put my social security on there. And how would they know where I’m located, i never said i was in the U.S lol. I will email them and discuss. The reason for including my age was not because I thought it exempted me because I’m young but because I don’t know how tax works lol. Your message was probably just you trying to give genuine advice but the tone was a bit harsh…

Because location information is on every profile.

As @genuineguidance if you’re a US citizen you need to fill out the form.

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I already filled it out. And even before I did, when I didn’t understand what to do i put “not located in the U.S” and they still approved it, so…

And I am obviously the one who fills out the information you see in my bio. I could easily have changed it to elsewhere.

If any of you are in the US and nervous about handing over your SSN, remember that Fiverr:

Is a publicly-traded company worth 5 billion dollars and one that is actively on the New York Stock Exchange and thus subject to a LOT of regulations and oversight in terms of how they handle data, accounts, financials, etc. They’re not going to risk that valuation playing games with SSNs.

Every job you’ve ever applied to, even as a teen - gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, etc - has either a digital or physical copy of your SSN floating around. Doubly so if you actually worked for them, that info is on the W-9 you filled out. I guarantee you the security on those little applications torn off a pad they keep under the counter have FAR less security than Fiverr does, and yet you’ve never worried about those.

You can always go on the IRS website, apply as a sole proprietor, and get an EIN (employer identification number). This functions as an SSN would, except it’s for your “business,” allowing you to satisfy the ID requirement without revealing your personal SSN, if that’s important to you.


Also, Divine, you’re going to want to adjust your gigs. Talking about research papers, that’s education adjacent and against the TOS on Fiverr. They’ll yank your account for that sooner or later, just a heads up.


Ok thanks, for both things you said but could you explain why the research paper goes against it? Just trying to know so I can avoid doing something similar again. And also, since you checked my gig out I’m sure you have an idea of what I’m trying to do so what would you recommend I change it to?

Yea i was just looking at other gigs and i seen that some top sellers are offering writing articles for people, so what’s the difference with a research paper and if its only a problem with the research paper, I can simply take that out since it’s only really an additional offer.

Article writing / ghostwriting is A-okay (part of what I do myself, in fact), just have to scrub any mention of school, “papers”, research papers, etc. out of your gig text and bio. Might also want to change up the gig picture with the mottled composition book just for safety’s sake…I doubt they’ll nick you on it, but out of an abundance of caution. :slight_smile:

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Also, regarding other sellers offering things they shouldn’t (this is to everyone in general, not necessarily what you’ve said here), that should never be used as a barometer for what’s okay/what’s not. They just haven’t been caught yet, is all - it’s like how seeing someone shoplifting doesn’t mean it’s okay to start doing it yourself, etc. Fiverr will find them eventually, they always do. :slight_smile:

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Ok thank you I’ll try and change that. And I don’t now about changing the cover but I’ll see.

I stopped using fiverr for a year.
I see you had made your decision, thats good!

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I wish you said this before hand, would’ve encouraged me not to😅