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Don't force buyer to attachment (tips for new user to get Order)


short technique, short brief.
fiverr new users many times use this option but they unknown to this option, I just attach 2 photos and trying to clear in short that - Dont force buyer to attach anything on order, in create new gig section, REQUIREMENT tab , unmark black tick, .

remind, buyer will attach your requirement and will answer your question after back of full proceed of your order page, and without this , order time never be start , so no wary for expired time of delivery, if buyer send requirement then order time will bee start. .

I have an experience about this, I can share , (I won’t share any name to keep personality of them) see

if any of my wrong with this suggestion, please comment and many thanks!


Well… Many times an order simply can not be completed without an attachment…
For example, if a person has bough any sort of a logo reveal video, and did not attach his logo.
Now, the order time has began, and the seller has no way of making it, relying only on the buyer’s response and how fast it would be…

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


I have an hard time understanding what you said. Why should I untick that requirement? I thought it was so that I could get all the information I need from the buyer.


I agree with you on that one. :slight_smile:


This is not a good idea at all.
Many buyers click on ‘order,’ and don’t send the seller what the seller needs to do the work.
Also, many of these buyers click on the order button, then don’t log in for days.
There are two ways the clock starts ticking for the seller: 1) If the gig HAS mandatory buyer requirements - clock starts only AFTER the buyer has filled in the info.
2) If the gig does not have mandatory buyer requirements - clock starts the moment they click the order button.

If you need info in order to do the work, and for any of the reasons you don’t have it, you will have to either cancel the order or deliver late. In addition, the buyer will probably leave a negative review (if they didn’t think they needed to give you info, they most likely don’t know how Fiverr works - all they know is that they didn’t get what they ordered ----> negative review).


I would always check mandatory on at least the primary requirement. Some buyers get confused and don’t write or send anything. This can be a route to lateness or cancellation if they order and click start with no info.


I actually did try to do this because orders were not starting so often.

The site did not let me do this.

I got a message that a requirement for buyers is mandatory, not optional,
so I have no idea why they even have that box there to uncheck.


very helpfull… I agree with you…


This checkbox does not work. If you uncheck it, a buyer still have to fill in the requirements form.

And probably the reason is (that’s only a theory) that on a mobile version of Fiverr a buyer does not see clearly where to fill in this requirement field.


That would explain the long delay or even all the buyers who never return to fill in the requirements so the order never starts.


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