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Don't forget, love what you do!

So I recently had a gentle reminder on this subject. I was working on a voice over for a buyer and I recorded my stuff and thought ok cool all done. Listened to it and thought, man. That just sounds… not right. So I decided I’d take a more passionate run through it and, boy. It sounded great. Sent both to the buyer and they loved it! All that being said, don’t forget to put that passion and love into your work! It could be for website editing or graphic design or whatever. If you love it, put that love and effort into it. It makes such a huge difference and you can really be proud of that work when you’re finally done with it.


Thanks for sharing. It’s great to remind ourselves about such things every now and then because it’s very easy to lose yourself in the quest for money. Thank you.

Good to here. It is work but you need to find a joy in it.


Yes, totally agree. When we do things passionately, the works done will be the best we can do. If we do the best, we love the result, and the buyer love our works as well… Ah what the best feeling

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Yes, yes, yes!! Love what you do and you will never “work” a day in your life. We are of a like mind my friend. We are artists. Thank goodness we have these wonderful buyers on Fiverr who are willing to pay us to do what we love!! Peace and Love.


You know, we put our face and our image in the product we sell. I always try to do my best and when I have to build a website, some clients will tell me “do it that way”. I will analyze their request and think for the best option I am able to implement and I’ll advice them. I think that giving advices is part of my job, for how the website will look better and why it would work the best if my advice is followed. My clients appreciate that and they always follow my suggestions and agree with me.
At the end, that’s why they pay you for, your knowledge and your skills to make the best for their needs.
I am my own biggest critic and I always ask myself: “If I had to do this job for myself, would I love it? Can it be improved?”
The day when you look at your projects as a way to gain more experience and not just money, as a result your work will be better, your clients will be more satisfied and you’ll even get more orders!


Thanks for this thread! Sometimes when I write content for clients, I spend so much time revising and reading through it that by the end I feel burned out. I also sometimes doubt the work I create at times (don’t know if anyone else feels that way).

When I remind myself why I’m doing this, and how my service could help others, the passion gets reignited. Not like it ever disappears but it can come in waves. I think another important aspect of loving what you do is knowing your why’s as well (why you’re doing this, why this would be helpful for others, etc). Some days are better than others and we can feel as though the passion is dying out, but when you have a clear ‘why,’ it helps a lot.

Just my two cents!

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Very helpful tips. When we love what we are doing, it gives ourselves more positive feedback. Both buyers and sellers are happy at that moment.

I totally agree with you Kim, I think sometimes even doing something you love can seem like a chore because we are human but that’s where being a professional comes in.

it was helpful thanks…

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Thanks for sharing… Helpful post.