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Don't get any new buyer

After my vacation mood off then I have got some order from my old buyer and the gig is gradually going to the top. But can’t get a new buyer. I can’t understand what the problem with my gig. I have promoted my gig in social media but don’t get any response.

Can anyone tell me please what’s going on with me?
(I want to know another one thing which is not related with gig. I have posted here but I want to know how may I notify when someone comment in my post? Is there a only way bookmarks the page and after sometime later check the post? )

If you leave vacation mode switched on for longer than the duration of time that you said you would be away, then you lose your gig’s search rankings and drop to the bottom. I’m guessing this is what happened to you. To recover you will need to update your tags and refresh your gig images/description to try and tempt in new buyers and slowly but surely build up the rankings… kind of like starting from scratch.

Thanks for your valuable comment. :slight_smile:
I have already made a video for my gig, changed the description also the tags. But… :frowning: