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Don't get any order,, (for cancel order)

Hello Fiverr Friends please help if you know

last 2 days before my one order is complete from client instruction then he talk Can you please just cancel the order then i cancel order,

last 2 days i don’t get any order and also i don’t found my GIG in search please help me whats wrong :rage::rage::rage:

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Why did you cancel the order?
Have you completed the job and then agreed to cancel? I’d never cancel a job, let alone if I completed the job.
Cancelling a job affects ranking, so you have to be careful in the future.


First of all, you shouldn’t have asked your buyer about the feedback.
Secondly, if an order is canceled, they cannot leave a feedback on your profile. Either ways, cancellations harm your ranking.

before accept order you need to clear on topic and price. If you do the job then you say buyers for order…