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Don't get any order last 21 days


I have complete only 7 order and my all client are very happy for my work…But I don’t know why I don’t get any order…some buyer come to me with very low budget but i can’t do any difficult job within very low price…And i share my gig at all social platform but its only increase impression,views and social click …what should I do for getting click?and order?


Buyers Request is a good option. I didnt get any organic order ever on fiverr, Almost 1 and a half month here but no buyer never messaged me or placed order organically, I find my buyers on Buyers Request, Facebook Groups and other outside sources, I am still very new maybe some experienced sellers here will be able to help you more.


I have been lacking sales recently, and my gigs have even dropped to the bottom of the list for some reason. It sucks, but I am still hanging on.