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Don't get any order, why?


In recent i have no any order to done. Why?
I don’t know. Is it any problem of my either gig or my service? What i do? How I overcome it? I need more project.
You can visit my gig. Have you any suggestion? Really I feel bit nervous ::):shinto_shrine:


Your recent delivery was 5 days ago. Take time to read through the forum and you will find lots of tips on using Buyer’s Requests, promoting your gig and much more. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I got the order after a long time. I share my gig on twitter and others social media. But impression, click. View decrease. What is happened?


Can only refer you back to my previous post. If you read through the forum you will also find posts about impressions, views and clicks decreasing. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Share you gig on social media. and sent buyer request daily 10/10


Share my gig. Is it called spamming? I don’t know?


join facebook groups related to your skills and share your gig in that groups which you want to promote. and belive me you will get many orders from there. i am already posting my gigs there and 30% orders i received through Facebook groups


I’m assuming you’re wanting HONEST feedback, not fluffy compliments.

Your grammar/syntax, while communicating the basic point, is a bit off. For example, when you describe yourself as “Hi, This is GraphicsDunia a Professional Youth Graphics Design team.”, this could be better phrased as:
“Graphics Dunia, a professional graphic design team”. (The idea that a bunch of children are going to be working on this project does not inspire confidence).

This IS relevant- while we in the US and other parts of the west are willing to take a risk on outsourcing, we are also concerned about communication being a problem. Small errors are fine, but lots of errors make us worry.

So maybe in the future, maybe have someone proofread your posts?

I hope this helps.


Well. For your suggestions and guidelines. Though English is not our mother tongue, we use it for communication perfectly. I follow your guideline. I will modify my all grammar Errors. Thank your so much.::):man_mechanic:


Don’t feel any risk::):relaxed: Fiverr is excellent marketplace of professional expert. You can do any project here without any hesitation::):bouquet: Maximum seller have expert team like me in fiverr.


I pray for you that you will get an order soon


Dear fiverr is a hard working people market or place in there very low opportunity and chance are received and that time we will prove ourself


I haven no order but i will wait the order and the order receive then i will myself in fiverr

so wait and watch the order and the order receive you will you self


Thanks, @lloydsolutions @babarkamal @boring122 @jobayar24361 @siddiknizami452 to all.:heart_eyes_cat: