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Don't get any order Yet. What's my gig problem?

I’m from Bangladesh. After completing a Government Freelancing Training(LEDP), I joined here but Don’t get any job.

Can anyone plz help me to improve my gig or other? !!!

Gig Link:


Hello. I check your profile, you create one gig. I think you should create 4/5 gig with poper seo. Then hope you will get order and send buyer request.


What is relation between Gig Number & Order . . ?

If i keep 1 gig & i’m qualified for that Gig … But i can’t get a Job … ??

Is that the nature of FIVERR … ???

What’s my salution about this GIG … ??

How about your gig impression and click.
Gig number means you have more skills you can Imagine your profile as like shop.when a shop have more products you can visit there but if a shop some products you can’t visit there. Hope you Will understand

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Impression & Click is gradually decreasing .

I think you need create more gig. And you need share this gig Social media.

I see at first develop your skill then you can get a job